July 19, 2006

You call this pumpkin?

I'm a great fan of knitpicks yarn. It's a decent quality for a decent price. I use it a lot for my charity knitting projects and socks for my grandsons (why use something expensive for little feet that grow at an amazing rate?). Usually I'm pretty happy with the colors but this pumpkin reminds me of something you'd find in a bady's diaper. I tried fern on the pair in the upper left hand corner but really can't say I'm wowed with the combination. What color do you think would best match?

Project Runway3 tonight.

1 comment:

ollie said...

it could just be me, I'm weird like that, but I really like that shade & most definitely by all means would call it pumpkin....pumpkin pie actually, after all the spices have been added & it's been baked!!!! yes, that's the ticket!!!!!
but anyway, I like it & I like it w/the fern color too. wow, I'm pretty easy ain't I???!!!