May 29, 2008

I got nothing .........

I've been sick for the last couple days so I'll use distraction to make you forget that you are not seeing any knitting at all. These two should do the trick.
They are now 7 weeks old and come running anytime the door opens. Always happy to see anyone who wants to play for a while. I've got to call the vet to make an appointment for their check up and shots so they can go to their forever home.

May 26, 2008

Did you know ....

that Joann's has sales of specific colors of yarn? Well I was in Waterbury with a little time to kill and I ended up at Joann's looking for acrylic for some charity knitting. I usually don't poke around the store but since I was in no hurry I spent some time walking up and down the aisles. I noticed that they have bins of yarn but only one or two colors was on sale while the rest was full price. Interesting ............
Bernat denimstyle in white, shades of blue and shades of green for $1.97 a skein.
Patons astra at $1.97 a skein. Lion wool grey for $2.97 a skein.
Sensations rainbow boucle for $5.00 a skein. All for a total of $49.43 minus a 10% discount. Should keep me knitting along for a while.
I've been working on this irish cable scarf which is coming out great ... that is when I'm not playing with my kittens. They are getting so big. I played with them for about an hour this morning .... and they fell asleep in my lap.
Oscar says: I hate those kittens. Well, not that I've seen them but I hate them anyways. And I hate you for spending all that money on yarn instead of cat treats for me.

May 20, 2008

Should I knit or ....

I've been knitting a little bit. I finished the second black pair of socks for my dad (who is recovering nicely from surgery) and gave them away before I had a chance to take a picture. Seriously like a pair of black socks is all that interesting? Don't think so.
I finished knitting these last night just before bed. A pair of woman's size 6 that will get put in the box to send off to the cheyenne river sioux project. Left over black for the cuff and knitpicks essential for the rest.
And I started this project while I was on a conference call this morning. It's a toy for my two new friends .....
These little ones are my first foster kittens. I while back I was reading in the paper that a feral cat group in my town was looking for foster homes before kitten season started. I called to volunteer. These two were delivered Sunday.

This picture was taken this morning. They now have the run of the upstairs bathroom.

This was Sunday when they wouldn't even come out of the corner of the cage because they were frightened.
And yesterday after a lot of petting and cuddling they were comfortable enough to venture out to the food dish for something to eat.
No names because they aren't my babies to name. I'll have them for probably 4-5 weeks before they go live with their new families (yet to be determined).

I have to admit that having them in the house certainly has lifted my spirits a bit so maybe I'll be back to knitting away soon. Well, at least I've gotten back to yarn buying .... my latest order placed this morning from Ray. More lace yarn. Think I've got a lace addiction which is now taking time away from my sock addiction.

May 06, 2008

You never know what the day holds for you

The Sunday before last I was having coffee and reading the paper with my dad. We do this every Sunday while my mom is at church and my hubby is out with friends having coffee. 5 yrs ago he cancelled his Sunday paper and decided to just come over and read mine. My dad is a man of few words who's gentle guidance has given me the strength to be the person I am today. And this man of few words came out with, "Well I'm going into the hospital on Wednesday for some surgery. They found a tumor in my intestines and some lesions on my liver. Don't worry because I'm 73 yrs old and I'm not afraid of death. I've lived a great life and plan to live a great life until the end.
Last Wednesday it was confirmed. Stage 4 cancer. He's watched many people die of cancer and decided that he will not seek treatment for this. He just wants to live out however long he has surrounded by the things he holds dear until it's his time to go. I understand his decission and will respect his wishes but it's hard.
So I've been filling my days with the routine that is my life. Mindless knitting.
And another pair of dreaded black socks. Dad really liked the first pair so I'm making another for him.
New patterns.
So I've been treating this like an elephant in a room. It's there but not talked about. I'm fortunate enough to live about 1.5 miles away from my parents so I'm there when needed. I'll spend all my time making the most of my father while he is still here and will deal with his death once it happens.