May 23, 2009

Oh the joys of dog ownership

As a new dog owner I've found that there's a secret society out there that I never knew existed. It's the society of dog owners. We nod at each other as we walk with our 4 footed friends. As Milo barks like a nut case at every dog he sees I explain in a voice a little louder than usual that he's friendly but loud. I know the names of all the dogs in the neighborhood but not the person at the other end of the leash. But that seems to be OK because we just love each other's dogs.
Milo says: OK so I bark a little but that's because I'm sooooo excited to live here with you.

Milo started dog training classes 2 weeks ago. The first week he spent 20 minutes barking and pulling at the other dogs and people. Finally after a while he started to respond to his name and was given a treat when he made eye contact. He was walking without pulling using a new collar and I went home with some homework to do every day.

Milo says: I'll make all the eye contact you want Diane as long as you keep those snausages coming my way.

Last week he didn't bark at all, walked well, paid attention, and got treats like crazy. Our current homework is learning to walk in a heel position and recalling back to me ending in a sitting position when called. He's doing well with both so I think he's a pretty smart guy.

The only real ongoing issue we're having is that Milo barks like crazy when someone comes into the house, someone is in the yard (and of course my property backs to a town owned pond so there are always people in eyesight in the yard), and is fearful of strange men. I've been trying to get him to stop barking by giving him a treat when someone comes into the house so that he sees someones arrival as something good instead of something fearful. We'll see how that works out.

Milo says: Ummm aren't you forgetting to mention Tanner?

Well thank you for reminding me, Milo. Tanner is still with us but he's not hanging out upstairs anymore. Tanner decided a couple weeks ago that this was his house too and he wanted to sleep in my room on my bed just like he always did. At first Milo was excited over the entire thing. Now after 2 weeks he watches Tanner come in, leave, etc without any issues at all. I think they would be friends if Tanner way younger. But at least they are getting along without much chasing.

I've been working on a lap ghan for the cancer infusion center my dad used when he was under going treatment. We always joked that the ghans they had there were a little girlie so a manly man ghan is in process right now. I'm hoping to have it done by his birthday in the beginning of June but we'll see. Being someone with knitter's ADD it's hard to stay focused on a bigger project.

Happy Memorial Day to those in the USA. Take a minute to say a prayer for those who gave their lives for our freedom and thank their families who have suffered so much.

May 04, 2009

Don't be looking for me at ...

the humanitarian of the year awards ceremony any time soon. My track record lately is less than stellar ........

1) Tanner got out again over the weekend. I was a terrible foster kitty mama because I didn't look for him at all, didn't set out traps, didn't put out his beloved can food, and didn't call the cat group to let them know their cat was missing. He was out for 2 days and when he finally decided he had roughed it enough he came inside.
2) Milo got out too. Of course if you chase the dog he thinks it's a game and this 50 yr old asthmatic doesn't stand a chance against a little hyper 16 lb dog. Instead I swore, caught his eye, and walked the other way toward the door. Milo of course is nosey and had to see where I was going. I opened the door, he ran inside and I closed it after.

3) Speaking of Milo, I took him to the vet and didn't think to ask for a female vet when I made the appointment. Milo hates men so he almost bit the vet.

4) My brother broke up with his longtime girlfriend. We're happy because while she was a nice person the two of them together weren't a good combination. He's a giver, she's a taker, and she took everything she could. Of course the timing is awful because her mom is at the end of hospice care for cancer. She told my brother he was the worst person on the face of the earth. This is not true. I'm the worst person on the face of the earth because I thought she made up the entire cancer story. Well when you tell 99 half truths and whole lies how am I suppose to know the hundredth thing out of your mouth is true.

So that's it from around these parts. If the rain stops sometime this month I'll be happy. Wet dogs are no fun to be around. Still knitting and one of these days I'll grab my camera to snap a pic of all the baby socks for A4A.