August 24, 2008

I finally finished stuff!!!!!

HTM dishcloth Kenley inspired
Finally some finished stuff!!! First up is a Hot Tranney Mess of a dishcloth that I knit for giggles in the Ravelrylmpics. Totally not usable but I have to admit that I did get a laugh out of posting it on the finished thread topic. Everyone else had beautifully, useful dishcloths and I posted this.

As part of the Ravelrylmpics I also decided to finish all the socks hanging out in the bottom of my knitting bag. Was soooo glad to get them all done.

knitting bag socks

And I also knit some socks for the grandkids too. 2 pr for Miss A for her 2nd birthday and one pair each for N and W to wear on their first day of preschool and kindergarden.

Olympic socks

I still have my assistand kitten Moe to help me out on a daily bases. Here he is making sure I'm not typing bad things.


And here he is checking the lighting on my photo shoot for my socks yesterday.

Moe checks the lighting

Or at least I thought he was checking the lighting until he picked up one of the socks and ran off with it. PLEASE SOMEONE ADOPT THIS KITTEN!!!!

August 18, 2008

Moe isn't a knitter's cat

I've come to the conclusion that Moe needs to find his forever home really, really fast before I do something .... like duct tape his mouth shut when he's not eatting. Sounds a bit extreme but I'm about at the end of my rope. We're up to 4 ruined double points and 2 ruined circular needle. I wouldn't mind except he's now knocking over things to get to the needles. Obviously he's not a knitter's cat.
Moe says: Maybe I'll just hang out a little out of reach for a while. Is it my fault that those bamboo sticks are tasty?
In spite of the fact that I'm running out of needles I've been finishing up on some socks that were languishing in the bottom of the knitting bag.
And casting on more.
Of course I'm drowning my sorrows in my blog contest prize from leaving a comment on Julie's blog. She's got a cute little granddaughter who is featured on her blog all the time. Isn't that what grams are supose to do?
Hubby and I went on a little vacation to Rhode Island last week. I love Rhode Island. We went to the Nordic Lodge for dinner and ate lobsters and king crab legs until we waddled out the door.

We went to the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence. Nice little zoo where you can actually see the animals. We also went on the Providence River Walk. Really nice way to see the city while strolling along. The have fire holders in the water which they fill with wood and light every so often. It must look really nice.

Made sure I was home in time to spend Sunday with Dad. We've got a new routine since he really can't get out much. I go over and bring along a movie that I know he'll like. Last week it was Casino (I told my mom that I was paying dad a quarter every time they said fuck and that I was up to $4,000 before the movie was half over). This week I brought along Master and Commander. He's kind of in and out of it because of some heavy duty pain medication but at least he's not in discomfort.

Gotta go find some more double points and finish some knitting. W and N need new socks for starting school and I have to finish up a couple pair for A for her birthday.

August 09, 2008

Kittens don't know how to knit

Oscar says: It's so wet outside. I can't believe Diane actually forgot to bring me inside. My fur is wet and my dainty little paws had to walk on wet grass.
Moe says: num num num this kitten food is yummy.
And then this happened. Oscar aka the evil one started sharing a bowl of food with little Moe. The cat who hates everyone and everything actually eatting peacefully with a little feral kitten. No one would believe it without pictures.
Lately when I'm knitting you'll hear me say intelligent things like .... Moe, stop chewing on that needle. Moe, kittens don't knit. Moe, enough with the chewing on the yarn. Moe, get your claws out of that. Come on Moe go play with your kitten toys.
Moe is obsessed with my knitting. Last week he chewed my brand new knitpicks 24" size 3 circulars into brand new knitpicks size 3 12" non circular needles. Last night I was working on a sock for little Missy A for her birthday. I put the finished leg in my knitting bag and covered it over to hid the needles. This morning I came downstairs to this sitting right on my usual knitting spot on the loveseat. My sock with one needles removed from the stitches and sitting right next to the sock.

And just when I was about to celebrate that more damage hadn't been done I noticed that Moe chewed the crap out of one of the needles still in the sock. Of course Moe was sitting on the back of the loveseat looking a cute as ever. I held up the sock and said, "Moe this is why kittens don't knit. They don't know how." D2 came around the corner laughing at me.

70 rows done on the 2nd dress with 18 more to go before I decrease and start the top. Dress #1 has the front done but I pulled the needles to work on this dress so I'll be finishing them both around the same time.

Gotta go check to make sure my knitting is tucked away for the night.

August 05, 2008

And then there was one

Moe says: Hi everyone. I'm going to be the last kitten in the house after today. Larry left yesterday with his new mommy and Grey is leaving today with his new family. I'm going to have to put up with all the hugs, smooches, and pets all my myself. Better rest up.
But somehow napping takes second place the minute I get out my wip to grab a pic or two. Please note that no cats were even in the room. They must have heard the sound of yarn being pulled and ran over.
Dress #2 take 2. I really wasn't feeling the pattern too much so Sunday when Moe decided to gnaw on brand new knitpicks 24" circular size 3 needles into 12" non circular size 3 needles I decided just to rip it out and start over. I changed the bottom to a couple rows of ridges and eyelets before changing over to ss. Love it. Ordered another 24" circulars today. Can't be mad when kittens ruin your stuff.
Moe says: When you're a kitten everything becomes a kitten toy.
Grey says: I hope my next family doesn't put that shiney thing in my face to take pictures all the time. It's annoying .... especially when I'm trying to get in a couple more nips before I leave today.