June 30, 2008

The boardgames of childhood as skill training

When I was growing up we didn't have video games. We played board games. My oldest brother was the king of Monopoly. My younger brother was a whiz at Stratigo and my baby brother could beat the pants off anyone on chinese checkers. Me? Operation was my game. I could take out a funny bone while standing on my foot (which my brothers made me do so the game would be even). Who knew a board game skill could be used in real life. Notice the dryer lint trap in the front? D2 took out the trap before she removed her clothes and at the exact same time an underwire in her bra fell out and landed in the trap.
There's a little ledge and the wire caught on the ledge. How to get it out? No one's hand was small enough to reach. And then it hit me .....
Operation .... salad tongs .... no buzzers as I touched the side. I felt like George Costanza when he was moving the Frogger machine in Seinfeld. lol

My calico foster kitten was adopted on Friday. We've been calling her Calli and her formal name according to her new owner is Calli so I guess they were ment to be her forever home. Grey's adoption fell thru so he's still with us. Grey has now been moved downstairs where he's made himself at home.

I picked up these 3 on Friday night. 3 tigers which I've named Larry, Curley, and Moe.

They are a little skidish around humans but when I come into the room they will usually come running over and after a couple minutes they'll let me pet them. Hopefully sometime this week they'll like me enough to where I can let them out of the bathroom to have the run of the hallway.
Just adorable! Love being a kitty mama.

June 23, 2008

Monday ramblings

I've got scarves that just need the ends woven, shawls that just need to be blocked, socks that just need the ends hidden and yet I can't seem to focus enough to finish a thing. However does that stop me from casting on new things??
These are going to be blankets for the kittens to sleep on. I figure 4 washcloths is about the right size for a kitten. Hummm what pattern to use? How about a cat?
And a paw print?
I started a pair of socks for the Summer of Socks. SOS. Since I also signed up for the 52 pair plunge 2 I thought I'd better cast something on.
In the middle of making the bed this morning and had to stop to answer the phone. I came back to see this. Guess I'll wait until Joey wakes up to finish.
The grandkids were over this weekend so I've been entrusted with a couple treasures left behind. Lucky for me the rock and plastic mouse haven't given me much trouble although Oscar did try to make off with the mouse. Oscar says: Well it's your fault since you won't let us carry the real mice into the house.
This is kitten central aka the 3rd floor bathroom. Hard to believe that every night this gets swept up and cleaned because the following day it always looks like no one has cleaned it in weeks. Such is the life of a kitty mama. Grey and Calli say: numm numm numm This kitten food is the best. Be back soon mommy ... we'll be needing you to clean the litter box shortly.
Crochet? Here? WTF! Yup I crocheted a couple blankets for the current kittens before I had the idea to use squares. Grey says: Acrylic!?!? Come on mom and cough up the good stuff. I know you have wool and alpaca around here somewhere.
2 kittens 2 blankets.
All the knit squares to date.
My kittens have turned into great escape artists which means if you are a human then you have to get past this in the hallway. I've got to spring for a couple baby gates and modify them for the kittens. Until then my poor daughters will have to figure out how to get to and from their rooms every day. Hummm maybe they'll think it's a hint to move out? Hope not. D3 is leaving the end of August for college and that's soon enough.
My father is not doing well. The cancer has spread more into his liver and is now showing up in his lungs. He's really slowing down but still manages to get out and about a little. I think I'm finally at peace with his decission for no treatment. Not happy but at least at peace.
When the grandkids were over Saturday my parents came over too. Dad sat on the couch the whole time and all 3 of the kids surrounded him for attention. I find myself watching their interaction more; almost like I'm trying to capture it all in my brain so I can play it back for years to come.

June 11, 2008

The classic distraction ....

When you've got nothing people will forget that there is no knitting content if you post with pictures of small creatures or children. No small children around today soooo
Grey: Mommy, why do you have to work all day. You should hit the lotto and just stay here and play with us all day.
Grey: Gotta get the stuffed fish before it gets me or Calico. Must use all my strength to protect us from the stuffed fish.
Calico: Maybe if I lay on my side and look cute and helpless the stuffed fish will go away.
Calico: Or maybe I'll just sit here and look so sweet that it'll make your teeth hurt. Turning on my extra sweetness NOW!
Charlie: Thank God Diane put those kittens upstairs in the hallway. When they got out and came down they scared me. I was so frightened that I had to jump onto the bed ..... and stayed for a nap.
**** gotta love it when the 16 lb cat is afraid of 2 little kittens.

June 06, 2008

It's been a while ......

but I'm still alive and kicking. In kind of a knitting funk with is odd for me. Gotta set some goals and get back in the knitting project saddle again.

In the meantime ........ cute picture distractions and new yarn will have to replace finished project.

D3's guy with N at the Memorial day picnic. I love the 'tude N is giving his auntie.
Miss A: Who has time for a 'tude when there's yummy food to eat while sitting on daddy's lap? More watermelon please.
The foster kittens are growing right up. Hard to get a picture of them since they are in constant motion.
Grey: Excuse me but you damn photographers just need to back off. I've got to go chase my sister's tail. Please leave now.

Well, if I don't seem to have it in me to knit at least I haven't lost my ability to purchase new exciting yarn. I LOVE THIS COLORWAYS from Ray. I saw it and had to buy it. Of course it would have been lonely in the mail by itself so ................
And there have been ebay purchases like this teapot. D1 will be getting it for christmas. What an artistic piece. And some mindless knitting but nothing finished.
Today is D3 and S1's 20th birthday. Hard to believe they are 20 yrs old. Time sure flies when you are busy raising kids.