June 30, 2008

The boardgames of childhood as skill training

When I was growing up we didn't have video games. We played board games. My oldest brother was the king of Monopoly. My younger brother was a whiz at Stratigo and my baby brother could beat the pants off anyone on chinese checkers. Me? Operation was my game. I could take out a funny bone while standing on my foot (which my brothers made me do so the game would be even). Who knew a board game skill could be used in real life. Notice the dryer lint trap in the front? D2 took out the trap before she removed her clothes and at the exact same time an underwire in her bra fell out and landed in the trap.
There's a little ledge and the wire caught on the ledge. How to get it out? No one's hand was small enough to reach. And then it hit me .....
Operation .... salad tongs .... no buzzers as I touched the side. I felt like George Costanza when he was moving the Frogger machine in Seinfeld. lol

My calico foster kitten was adopted on Friday. We've been calling her Calli and her formal name according to her new owner is Calli so I guess they were ment to be her forever home. Grey's adoption fell thru so he's still with us. Grey has now been moved downstairs where he's made himself at home.

I picked up these 3 on Friday night. 3 tigers which I've named Larry, Curley, and Moe.

They are a little skidish around humans but when I come into the room they will usually come running over and after a couple minutes they'll let me pet them. Hopefully sometime this week they'll like me enough to where I can let them out of the bathroom to have the run of the hallway.
Just adorable! Love being a kitty mama.


Lynn said...

See??? Those board games were essential to growing up!!! I used to play Life by myself if I couldnt find anybody else!

and I love the kitties. Have you been to this blog? She's a kitty mama in OR

Anonymous said...

The new kitties are ADORABLE. I'm glad to hear the Calli found a forever home.

Best wishes with Grey and the new kitties.

Ruth said...

Wow--it's a good thing that stratego wasn't your specialty! I was never very good at Operation (but also never had it until I had kids.)

That for your socks comments. I'm actually not supposed to be using cotton yarn, but rather the Maize yarn that has a bit of elastic in it. I couldn't try it on with that temp. CO so that's exactly why I was finishing up the top--so I could get it on. It's now in timeout until I decide for sure to cut off the ribbing and knit it again. Bleh.

monica said...

I loved Operation as a kid. I got it for my kids when they were younger but they were not as thrilled with it.

The new kitties are so cute. I don't think I could let them go after having them for so long. I don't think I would make a good foster mommy, I would become the catlady.

Maureen said...

Your new little ones are so cute! I'm sure they'll be better in another day or so. Kittens!

sydney said...

So those board games really did come in handy. Good thinking!

Those kittens are so cute. I bet it doesn't take long before they're settled in, or at least as settled as kittens can ever be. :)

gypsyknits said...

aaahhhh......board games. Those were the days, weren't they? One learned rules, discipline and good sportsmanship.
Life was my game although my house burned (with no insurance), I had too many kids and I went to the poor house........oh my gosh! Just dawned on me......that's my life!! LOL