September 29, 2007

Knitting in denial

Every once in a while when I'm knitting I stop to look at my project. With these socks I'd smile and say to myself, "I love how these socks are coming out. I can't wait to finish them." "Gram, those are some great snake socks you've got there but what are you thinking with those scheepjes socks?"
However with these I kept looking at them and saying, "Hummm, maybe they'll look better when I get the leg done. Maybe they'll look better after I turn the heel. Maybe they'll look better after the gusset decreases." Busy yarn repeat + a busy pattern = fuggly socks. Knitting in denial is never a pretty sight. Off to the frog pond with this ..... Joey says, "Diane, that's the smartest thing you've done since you picked up that ball of yarn."
And Oscar says, "Although this book is a great place to scratch my kitty ear you might want to crack it open and check for some nice patterns because that sock is just plain disgusting."

September 25, 2007

Gotta have stuff on the needles

Finished but still in need of a light blocking pumpkin dishcloth. Love, love, love this pattern. I hope my autumn exchange partner will like it too.
Onto the second sock on my snake socks. The yarn is Opal musica color 1026. This pattern was offered free a while back if you emailed a request. I emailed, printed, and filed. Gotta say the filing was a mistake. It's a beautiful pattern that I should have knit as soon as it was off the printer. Ms Conklin's pattern is well written, fast, and really pretty. Since I'm all about the comfort I did decided to use a heel flap. This is the heel that seems to fit my foot the best.
And plugging away on my Sixth Sense Sock. The pattern an old one from the six sock knit along written by Susan Pierce Lawrence. I love her patterns and have her forest canopy shawl on my to do list. I changed the top to 3x3 ribbing and replaced the heel with a traditional flap.

The yarn is Opal smoke color 1651. I started using the yarn for a socks for my son in law's size 12 feet. Got thru the leg and heel flap and stopped knitting. I don't know why the this yarn didn't want to be a sock for my sil so I frogged it and decided to reknit into a sock for me.

I'm looking for a pattern for sweaters in little man size 3 and 5. I've been clicking around on Ravelry but OMG there's just too much to look at. I start off on task and end up looking at other projects. Too many talented people out there in the land of knitting. So it looks like I'd be better off getting out some of my pattern books and seeing what I can find. Any suggests?

September 24, 2007

The answers and our winner!

Ok first the answers to what won at the fair. The little green sweater set and the maroon feather and fans stole both won 1st. The green shawl won 2nd. And the felted bag took 3rd.

Personally I was shocked that the jumper didn't win because it had knitting, crocheting and embrodery all in one item. Quite a range of skills needed. And I didn't think the felted bag should have gotten anything because really how hard is it to knit in the round, throw it in hot water and dry it over a box.

Congrats to luckey #22 comment which belongs to Babs.

September 22, 2007

If you're married you'll get this ...

I'm upstairs working in my office and my hubby comes home.
Hubby: Did you bring in the paper?
Me: Yup, it's on the table.
(Footsteps walking down the hallway. Two minutes later footsteps walking back up the hallway)
Hubby: It's not on the table.
Me: Did you check the other table?
Hubby: No. Should I?
Me: Only if you want to read the paper.

September 19, 2007

Things that make you wonder

Ok so I bought a 3 pack of Puffs tissues (fall allergy season in a household that has 4 people with allergies) and as I was taking them out of the packaging I couldn't help but notice that they kindly put directions on how to use the tissues on the bottom of the boxes ..... in 3 languages.

Can you just picture some 80 yr old dude saying, "ooooohhhh look here Martha, you hold the tissue under your nose and blow." "Well thunderation, Hal, what new fangled thing will they think of next!"

If you see me on the street reading directions on how to use a tissue please feel free to run me over.

Did you get a chance to ventured a guess in my contest? If you didn't please meander over. You don't have to guess right since it's an opinion vs reality.

September 17, 2007

Contest time!

Take a look at these ....

and these too. I entered all this in a local grange fair over the weekend and took home 2 blue ribbons, 1 red and 1 white.
Here's the contest: Try to guess which 2 things won first place in their division. The prize will be a couple balls of some sock yarn (colorways to be determined after some stash diving). Winner will be determined on September 24th.

September 16, 2007

Where did the summer go?

Don't you just love this colorways? I love it so much. The yarn is Garnstudio's Gabel superwash that I got from Astrids. Can't wait to get them on my feet.
I made a little cellphone pouch from D2 out of some of the leftovers. And of course D1 wanted one too so I made one out of her fav color purple.

Chilly weekend so far. Typical fall weather. I love the fall. It's my favorite season with that cold nip in the air. Of course I'm not quite ready to move on so I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt, wool socks, and shorts. Hey once you are well over 40 you aren't expected to be fashionable. lol.

September 14, 2007

Why do they call it a 5 hr baby sweater?

I've never been able to finish one in 5 hrs and I consider myself to be a pretty fast knitter. Anyways, sewed on the buttons and snaps last night. I'm going to have to get bigger snaps but that'll be a weekend project.

Plugging along on my socks. Notice how matched they are? The foot goes pretty fast so these should be done this weekend if all goes well.
I'll be looking for a fall dishcloth pattern to knit for the dishcloth exchange and hitting RAVELRY for a sweater idea for W and N. I'll see how the jumper washes and if it holds up well I use cotton ease for the boy's sweaters. Their mom is a no fuss mom so she's requested a no wool for kids clothing rule to be instituted. Superwash wool socks are fine. Superwash wool sweaters are not. Go figure.

September 11, 2007

My finishing bad ass self

Done. Booga bad with my own little addition of a cellphone keeper attached. Seems like I can never find that friggin cellphone when I need it.

September 10, 2007

It sounded like a good idea

And it looks like the correct choice for bee buttons for the tabs on this jumper would be neither.
I think it's just too bright of a yellow on this piece.
Probably would look cute here but I'm sure A would be OBSESSED with it and would have it pulled off in no time at all. So I'll forget the buttons and just sew on the snaps.
I did finish my Gedifra (color 4205) yesterday. I like them.
And as always you can't leave naked sock needles so on went this yarn. It's Garnstudio's Fabel superwash from Astrid's. Couldn't pass up the price so we'll see how it wears.

September 07, 2007

Fall into Autumn dishcloth exchange questionaire

Have you signed up yet? Closes tomorrow.

1. Do you knit or crochet? How long have you been doing it?
I'm a knitter. I've been knitting for about 38 yrs. I also crochet but really not very well at all.

2. Have you made dischloths before? Do you use them yourself, give them as gifts, or both?
I've made them, used them, and gifted them.

3. What's your favorite cotton to make cloths from? What cotton would you like to try that you haven't before ?
I really don't have a favorite cotton.

4. If you knit, do you prefer circular or straight needles? For all, do you prefer wooden, metal, or plastic needles?
I've got an addiction to my knitpicks option circular needles for most of my project and bamboo double points for socks. I've got about 30 pair of straight needles that I no longer use.

5. What are your favorite colors? Any colors you don't like much?
Blue, green, and purples. I don't care much for browns, blacks, or whites.

6. What do you like best about Autumn?
Autumn is my favorite season of all. I live in New England so the leaves are gorgeous, the apples are crunchy, and the weather has that perfect nip in the air.

7. Pies: Pumpkin? Apple? Pecan? All of em? or No Thanks!
Not really much of a pie person. Apple if I had to choose.

8. When you were a kid, were you the one who couldn't wait to get started with school , or the one who overslept on the 1st day?
Neither. I usually was up early but that was because I was worried about everything. Who would be in my class? What if the teacher didn't like me? Would I get blisters walking to and from school in my new leather shoes (back in the day when you couldn't wear sneakers and you hadn't had shoes on your feet all summer)?

9. Do you celebrate Halloween? (The real key here guys is especially knowing if you have an aversion to the holiday or little goodies/decorations associated with it, given the timeframe of the swap)
Yes I love halloween. I have a home made grave yard that I set up every October. When my kids were younger we'd always do home made costumes. Always a fun time.

10. If you had to choose just 3 edible 'goodies' to eat for a full year, what 3 would you choose?
Anything chocolate, nuts, and pretzels. I'm a pretzel addict.

11. Do you have any pets? Kids? Husbands who seem like kids? ;)
I have a hubby of 24 yrs. He's a peach of a guy who loves handknit socks. I have 4 children ages 19-24. I have 3 grandchildren who I adore. And I have 3 cats. 2 are very nice and one is a major pain in the ass.

12. If you were to describe a particular yarn that shares traits of your personality, what would it be and why?
Good old worsted weight wool. No frills, basic, down to earth yarn to get the job done. Of course I have my lace and socks weight moments since a girl can't be tough all the time. lol

13. Do you use your cloths mostly for dishcloths, or as facecloths?
Dishcloths and wiping up spills.

14. Favorite Fall Holiday: Halloween or Thanksgiving and why? (Feel free to share another fall memory if you do not celebrate either of these holidays)
Thanksgiving. I was actually born on Thanksgiving day back many many yrs ago. When I was a kid we'd always get together with aunts, uncles, and a ton of cousins over at my aunt's house for a huge thanksgiving meal. I don't remember the food although I'm sure it was great. But I do remember playing with my cousins so much that I'd fall asleep in the car on the way home and my dad would carry me up to bed.

15. Do you have any allergies or aversions your pal should know about?
I'm allergic to goldenrod and am afraid of snakes and heights.

September 06, 2007

A cat convention

Hummm, wonder what's going on? Seems kind of odd that Joey and Charlie are sitting in front on a bush. On closer inspection I noticed that Oscar is sitting under the bush. Now I'd probably go rescue her (yes Oscar is a girl. I let my 2 yr old name her 17 yrs ago) except ....
I'm a little pissed with Oscar myself. Notice this peaceful cat sleeping this morning? She was the only cat in the house last night.
So I know she was responsible for attacking my cotton ease AGAIN last night and dumping assorted other things off the table.

I know the boys aren't going to hurt her. They are just sitting there because Oscar gets very annoyed if they are in her line of sight. So I think I'll leave her under the bush until either Joey and Charlies get tired and leave or until dinner. It won't make up for the cotton ease attack but it's the best I can do. Karma and all ....

Jumper update

Finished the edging on the top. What a friggin' pain in the ass! I think I frogged more than crocheted. Probably too picky for my own good but why make something you aren't happy with? I started the embroidery on the front. First I put on some vines and leaves but somehow it just didn't seem to have the right "flow" so I pulled everything out and decided to start with the flowers, followed by the centers, and ending with the vines and leaves.
Which buttons do you think will work better on this? I'm leaning more toward the smaller yellow ones but I'm fence sitting.
Rachel, the pattern is in this leaflet. Some of the patterns are knit and others crochet. I don't know if it's still in print. The price sticker says $2.50 at Bradlees and Bradlees went out of business a lllllloooooonnnnnnnggggg time ago.
Bottom almost done on my felted bag. Only one knot in this skein so far. That's got to be a record for any of the Noro I've worked with. Love the yarn; hate the knots.

September 05, 2007

I set a record

According to the bookstore at college I set a record for the week. $1272.00 for a single purchase of books at the bookstore. It would have been higher except they didn't have my son's $172.00 engineering book or D3's $77.00 math book. The only upside was I only had to buy one english book since all 3 kids have the same class so I actually saved $150.00. GO ME!!!

Startitis and finishitis?

Almost done with my socks but seriously I was about to pick them up to finish the toe when I heard my Noro 40 sobbing "I thought you loved me. You bought me to make a felted bag and left me unknit while you've worked on other things." So I grabbed the yarn, my number 10.5 knitpick needles and casted on 45 stitches to make the bottom. I was about 14 rows in when a strange idea popped into my head. Hey why don't we finish something!
So I finished knitting the jumper for Missy A, seamed it and picked up my crochet hook. Now I've crocheted longer than I've knit but to be perfectly honest I suck at it. The instructions called for a row of single crochet at the bottom. I did a row but the piece was still curling.
So I added a little more detail by attaching the rose color and doing a sc 1, chain 3, sc 1 in the same stitch. Then I skipped 2 and repeated. I love it! I'll do the same around the top and the straps. Then I'm thinking about putting on some flowers and leaves with some bumble bee buttons on the strap just to cute it up.

September 03, 2007

Finally finished all 12 pr

This is the last of them. 6 pr each for N and W. Now if I can just figure out a way for their food not to go straight to their feet .....
And since I was on a sock knitting roll I started back on my pair.

September 02, 2007

Other stuff

Finished 2 pr of socks for W. I still have one more pair for him and 2 for his brother to go. Hopefully those will be done this weekend and I can get back to fun stuff.
I was selected as a "terrific treater" for the dog days of summer dishcloth exchange. Anne sent this wonderful package. More Cotton Ease! Sign ups are taking place for the Fall into Autumn exchange. This has been great fun so I'm looking forward to signing up again.

Last night this cotton ease must have tried to attack someone. From the tooth marks it looks like the cotton ease was subdued. None of the cats look upset so obviously they got the upper hand on the cotton ease attack before any cats were injured.

A couple days at grams ....

We played until this little one was totally worn out. I just love pics of sleeping kids. They look so restful.
Meanwhile, this one was in the mist of some construction. This toy has eleventy seven million parts and as an adult you must have a masters degree in engineering or be a child of 10 yrs of age to put it together. Lucky for me my 19 yr old put some of it together so the playing could begin. And my "job" here was to make the baby laugh. Lucky for me she's happy and it's not hard to do. My oldest daughter cropped me right out of the picture however the thumb ring is a dead give away.
Joey, unfortunately, didn't seem to like having the kids here. While he doesn't mind the kids around he was thrown off by the noise and non stop activity.