September 02, 2007

A couple days at grams ....

We played until this little one was totally worn out. I just love pics of sleeping kids. They look so restful.
Meanwhile, this one was in the mist of some construction. This toy has eleventy seven million parts and as an adult you must have a masters degree in engineering or be a child of 10 yrs of age to put it together. Lucky for me my 19 yr old put some of it together so the playing could begin. And my "job" here was to make the baby laugh. Lucky for me she's happy and it's not hard to do. My oldest daughter cropped me right out of the picture however the thumb ring is a dead give away.
Joey, unfortunately, didn't seem to like having the kids here. While he doesn't mind the kids around he was thrown off by the noise and non stop activity.

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sherry said...

Aww, what gramma fun you seem to be having. Your babies are adorable and look like they love having you for their gramma!