July 31, 2008

Knitting is a little difficult lately

Knitting usually is challenging however knitting at my house has become almost impossible. Why? Because my foster kittens seem to think they are my knitting buddies. At least one of them is always attempting to assist me ... usually by trying to hold my needles or yarn in their teeth. Granddaughter's dress is coming along even with all the help I've been getting.
And I casted on another one in the pink tones. Moe doesn't seem to like the pinks as much as the purple/blue/green. Must not taste as good.
It's kitten adoption weekend this weekend so hopefully these guys will be placed.

July 24, 2008

When you see this ...

you can't help but grab the camera first before assisting the kitten.
Notice that Curley and Moe did nothing to assist poor Larry.

I {{{heart}}} yarn

Part of the fun of picking out a project is picking out yarn for the project. I wanted to make a couple things for my granddaughter for her 2nd birthday. After clicking around Ravelry I found this cute little dress . So cute but I knew my daughter would prefer something not a solid color. I found these colorways on knitpicks and decided they would make great looking dresses and socks.
Larry says: I'd like yarn a lot better if mommy let me bite it to pieces. Of course my brothers and I just wait until she goes to sleep and then we have our way with her knitting.
I found this on ebay. Looked interesting and really can one ever have too much sock yarn?
And this was interesting too.
I've finished knitting 2 pair of socks and will be casting on a couple more things. Since I've designated August the month to put the finishing touches on things I find myself knitting more to gets more things put aside for August.
My little white and tiger guy Curley is getting adopted tomorrow. I'm happy to see him go to a nice home. Hopefully Moe, Larry, and Grey will find homes soon. I love how I can come downstairs in the morning call out, "Babies" and have everyone come running for a little petting. I'll miss that once they are gone. The ladies who run the feral cat program do an awesome job at keeping track of every cat and kitten. I think I'll be a foster home for a long time to come.

July 21, 2008

Why Brooke Hogan isn't running for political office ever

Los Angeles (E! Online) - "You know what? I am actually not that much into voting. I think it's kinda crazy that a woman is running, because I think that women deal with a lot of emotions and menopause and PMS and stuff. Like, I'm so moody all the time, I know I couldn't be able to run a country, 'cause I'd be crying one day and yelling at people the next day, ya know?"
I'm kinda glad she's not actually that much into voting because I'd hate to have someone in power who doesn't really know all that much but has bitchin' shoes.

This posting brought to you by cats

Grey: Hi everyone. Mom's a little busy cleaning up around here. You wouldn't believe how much of a mess a couple knocked over plants can make. Plus there was that issue with the broken glasses in the kitchen .... knocked over cat food .... oh and the yarn. I won't go into the whole yarn thing but Mom said something about not thinking she would be spending her first day of vacation like this. How are the other kittens doing you wonder? Haven't seen them lately. Nope just laying here all by myself.
Curley: I don't want to rat Grey out since I'm still recovering from 2 days at the vet but I know where Moe is. Think I'll go hide before mom finds me to give me my medication. I don't know what it is but it definately doesn't taste like chicken!
Moe: No I'm really not in trouble at all. I'm actually sleeping. Larry decided to sleep under the table but I wanted to sleep on this nice soft loveseat. I think Larry might have made a better decission.
Curley: I'm going to watch from up here where I'm nice and safe.
Curley: Ok mommy, enough computer. Once you finish cleaning up in the living room you might want to take a look at that suprise we left you in the bathroom. It involved open conditioner and some towels pulled off the towel rack. Here's I'll put my shaved leg in front of your face so you'll feel sorry for me. Is it working?
Diane says: OMG!!! It's like having a 4 man wrecking crew around here. Curley is recovering well. I had to treat all the cats including my own for tape worms. Not fun. Curley's 2 nights at the vet's ended up costing the Friends of Cheshire Ferel Cats about $1000.00. He's got medication every 12 hrs but is recovering well.
I've been knitting but not really sticking with anything long enough to finish. Think August will be the month to finish everything before I start anything else. Well, that's the game plan for now but we'll see what happens.

July 15, 2008

What I did last night

Curley was sick Saturday night and most of the day Sunday. He seemed to be a little better Monday as show in this picture. Curley says: I don't feel well but somehow sleeping on a downward slope with my head 2" lower than my butt and my paw tucked under my chin makes me feel better.
Monday night he threw up what I thought looked like string but wasn't, was gagging more and couldn't catch his breath. After 5 minutes of freaking out I packed him up and ran to the emergency vet. 7:45 pm to 12:30 am I waited in the waiting room for news. They ended up keeping him overnight. I went home and got 5 hrs of sleep before I had to be up for work.
Thankfully I had taken the time to stuff a ball of yarn and some needles in my purse so I knit away of this sock. Larry says: Moe! Get away from that needle. Mommy doesn't like when you bite those. Just look cute and gnaw on the string like I do. Turns out that Curley had tape worms so bad he couldn't eat or use the litter box. His entie intestines were filled with them. The vet said it's probably the worst case he's ever seen and Curley could have died in a matter of hours. He was treated 4 times with worm medication since he was captured in May but obviously the treatment didn't work for him.Curley is resting comfortably and will be home tomorrow. Poor baby.
I've been plugging away on two pair of socks. Obviously I've got startitis so maybe for the Olympics my project will be to finish every project I've started so far this year. Larry says: Moe! Stop with those needles already. They aren't yours!
Moe says: Hummmm nice tail you have there, Larry. Think I'll give it a little nip or two.
And Grey says: Zzzzzzzzzzz silly kittens. Why can't they just grow up already. Chasing tails is so 2 weeks ago.

July 07, 2008

Ray of sunshine on a cloudy day

Here's the latest picture of my foster kittens. Moe is laying down with is eyes closed pretending not to notice and Curley was walking over him. Larry has that deep thoughtful look probably thinking something like 'When's Mom going to put down that silver flashy thing and clean the litter box.'
So yesterday was a picnic at my parents house. Usually I love family get togethers but now they are just making me sad. Is this the last birthday with my Dad? The last memorial day? Last 4th of July he'll be around? And to make matters even worse my oldest brother is pissed about all this. He thinks my father should do everything possible to fight this cancer. He can't come to terms with non treatment.
Now I understand that everyone goes thru stages of grief. Heck last month I was pissed at all 3 of my brothers because they don't have kids so they only have to come to grips with this situation and don't have to help young adults and small children thru this process. Irrational? Yup but I was going thru the process.
So by the time I got home yesterday I was just drained. Too emotional to cry. Brain just racing a million thoughts a second. I sat upstairs with my kittens for about 2 hrs and went to bed but didn't sleep a wink. Today? Super sad for everyone. Just trying to get thru the work day. And then this came.

Who is it from? I'm not sure but I do know it's from someone in the Ravelry Brave Whores group. It's a hysterical group where you can freely admit that you are addicted to far too many reality tv shows. The discussion are light and lively. I love all the people in the forum like they are neighbors I'll never actually see. It's a great escape from real life. The note says: To wear Sunday's reading the paper with dad - and in the years to come to remember him by - Not expertly knit - but knitted with love - A Bravo Whore

Now I've never discussed any of this on Ravelry so someone took the time to read thru my blog, knit a beautiful shawl, get my address, and mail this off to me. I'm so touched. Thank you fellow BW. I love you for doing thing.

July 02, 2008

Grey runs the house

I thought that little Grey would be lonely once his sister got adopted but he seems to have adjusted well. Now that he has the run of the entire house he has found some great napping places. Grey says: Hey not like Charlie was using it.
I've finished enough squares for 2 kitten blankets and have 2 more on the needles. These are so much fun. Should make for some bright colored blankets for my new guys
And I finally casted on some socks for the summer of socks but I'm having a huge issue.
Grey loves to bite yarn and knitting needles. In particular he loves to bite my beloved bamboo double points.