July 24, 2008

I {{{heart}}} yarn

Part of the fun of picking out a project is picking out yarn for the project. I wanted to make a couple things for my granddaughter for her 2nd birthday. After clicking around Ravelry I found this cute little dress . So cute but I knew my daughter would prefer something not a solid color. I found these colorways on knitpicks and decided they would make great looking dresses and socks.
Larry says: I'd like yarn a lot better if mommy let me bite it to pieces. Of course my brothers and I just wait until she goes to sleep and then we have our way with her knitting.
I found this on ebay. Looked interesting and really can one ever have too much sock yarn?
And this was interesting too.
I've finished knitting 2 pair of socks and will be casting on a couple more things. Since I've designated August the month to put the finishing touches on things I find myself knitting more to gets more things put aside for August.
My little white and tiger guy Curley is getting adopted tomorrow. I'm happy to see him go to a nice home. Hopefully Moe, Larry, and Grey will find homes soon. I love how I can come downstairs in the morning call out, "Babies" and have everyone come running for a little petting. I'll miss that once they are gone. The ladies who run the feral cat program do an awesome job at keeping track of every cat and kitten. I think I'll be a foster home for a long time to come.


Lovs2Knit said...

One can never have to much sock yarn or any yarn at that. ;)

Glad to here Curley has found a good home.

monica said...

Lovely yarn. I am sure A will be
adorable in her new dresses and socks

Those kitten sare so cute Glad to hear Curley will have a good home I would have such a hard time letting them go.

You are doing a wonderful thing fostering and socializing these kitties.

gypsyknits said...

Wonderful yarn!

Oh, those kittens like your place that's for sure. After all, they are pampered and there's so much yarn to play with.

Vivian said...

That's going to be one cute little dress! Love those warm colors.