July 31, 2008

Knitting is a little difficult lately

Knitting usually is challenging however knitting at my house has become almost impossible. Why? Because my foster kittens seem to think they are my knitting buddies. At least one of them is always attempting to assist me ... usually by trying to hold my needles or yarn in their teeth. Granddaughter's dress is coming along even with all the help I've been getting.
And I casted on another one in the pink tones. Moe doesn't seem to like the pinks as much as the purple/blue/green. Must not taste as good.
It's kitten adoption weekend this weekend so hopefully these guys will be placed.


Maureen said...

You are moving right along with those dresses. They look so cute in the yarn you picked. Thanks for the nice words on the pink bolero. It is growing on me more and more. Hopefully Gracie wil enjoy it for years to come!

Lovs2Knit said...

The colors you picked out for the dresses are really cute!
Hope your foster kitties all find good homes.

Lynn said...

Goodness they are adorable!!! And seem so big now. This is why I could never foster kittens, I'd never want to give them up!

sydney said...

I like the yarn colors in the dresses. They're moving right along in spite of the kitty help you're getting. I hope the kitties were able to find homes this weekend.

gypsyknits said...

Now really, are you trying to say the picture of those little darlings are the same cats who tear into your yarn? tsk, tsk. I'm having a hard time believing this one..........LOL

The dress is adorable!