July 21, 2008

This posting brought to you by cats

Grey: Hi everyone. Mom's a little busy cleaning up around here. You wouldn't believe how much of a mess a couple knocked over plants can make. Plus there was that issue with the broken glasses in the kitchen .... knocked over cat food .... oh and the yarn. I won't go into the whole yarn thing but Mom said something about not thinking she would be spending her first day of vacation like this. How are the other kittens doing you wonder? Haven't seen them lately. Nope just laying here all by myself.
Curley: I don't want to rat Grey out since I'm still recovering from 2 days at the vet but I know where Moe is. Think I'll go hide before mom finds me to give me my medication. I don't know what it is but it definately doesn't taste like chicken!
Moe: No I'm really not in trouble at all. I'm actually sleeping. Larry decided to sleep under the table but I wanted to sleep on this nice soft loveseat. I think Larry might have made a better decission.
Curley: I'm going to watch from up here where I'm nice and safe.
Curley: Ok mommy, enough computer. Once you finish cleaning up in the living room you might want to take a look at that suprise we left you in the bathroom. It involved open conditioner and some towels pulled off the towel rack. Here's I'll put my shaved leg in front of your face so you'll feel sorry for me. Is it working?
Diane says: OMG!!! It's like having a 4 man wrecking crew around here. Curley is recovering well. I had to treat all the cats including my own for tape worms. Not fun. Curley's 2 nights at the vet's ended up costing the Friends of Cheshire Ferel Cats about $1000.00. He's got medication every 12 hrs but is recovering well.
I've been knitting but not really sticking with anything long enough to finish. Think August will be the month to finish everything before I start anything else. Well, that's the game plan for now but we'll see what happens.


sydney said...

LOL! And I thought the ferrets could be a handful! Curley looks like he's doing well.

Lovs2Knit said...

The fun and joy of cleaning up after the four legged wrecking crew. :) Glad to here that Curley is doing better.

monica said...

I love Curley's markings. I bet the little rascals can get into quite a bit of mischief.