July 02, 2008

Grey runs the house

I thought that little Grey would be lonely once his sister got adopted but he seems to have adjusted well. Now that he has the run of the entire house he has found some great napping places. Grey says: Hey not like Charlie was using it.
I've finished enough squares for 2 kitten blankets and have 2 more on the needles. These are so much fun. Should make for some bright colored blankets for my new guys
And I finally casted on some socks for the summer of socks but I'm having a huge issue.
Grey loves to bite yarn and knitting needles. In particular he loves to bite my beloved bamboo double points.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Grey know that IS.NOT.ALLOWED!!! It seriously ruins your cute factor!

sydney said...

Maybe Grey was just waiting for Calli to leave. There's something about cats that they just can't seem to resist knitting needles and yarn.

gypsyknits said...

Apparently Grey isn't missing Calli:)
Seems he has taken over and is quite comfortable.
Now about that talk with yarn......

Anonymous said...

Do the babies get to take their blankie with them to their new home??

I don't know if I would have what it takes to be a kitty mamma. I would end up wanting to keep them all. I am so happy to hear Miss Calli has found a good home, and I hope Mr. Gray does too, and very soon. The new babies are adorable.

My Rose will chew on the yarn, but never bothers the needles. Maybe that is because I use magic loop and one long circular. LOL

Great trick there with the tongs in the dryer. :)