July 15, 2008

What I did last night

Curley was sick Saturday night and most of the day Sunday. He seemed to be a little better Monday as show in this picture. Curley says: I don't feel well but somehow sleeping on a downward slope with my head 2" lower than my butt and my paw tucked under my chin makes me feel better.
Monday night he threw up what I thought looked like string but wasn't, was gagging more and couldn't catch his breath. After 5 minutes of freaking out I packed him up and ran to the emergency vet. 7:45 pm to 12:30 am I waited in the waiting room for news. They ended up keeping him overnight. I went home and got 5 hrs of sleep before I had to be up for work.
Thankfully I had taken the time to stuff a ball of yarn and some needles in my purse so I knit away of this sock. Larry says: Moe! Get away from that needle. Mommy doesn't like when you bite those. Just look cute and gnaw on the string like I do. Turns out that Curley had tape worms so bad he couldn't eat or use the litter box. His entie intestines were filled with them. The vet said it's probably the worst case he's ever seen and Curley could have died in a matter of hours. He was treated 4 times with worm medication since he was captured in May but obviously the treatment didn't work for him.Curley is resting comfortably and will be home tomorrow. Poor baby.
I've been plugging away on two pair of socks. Obviously I've got startitis so maybe for the Olympics my project will be to finish every project I've started so far this year. Larry says: Moe! Stop with those needles already. They aren't yours!
Moe says: Hummmm nice tail you have there, Larry. Think I'll give it a little nip or two.
And Grey says: Zzzzzzzzzzz silly kittens. Why can't they just grow up already. Chasing tails is so 2 weeks ago.


Lovs2Knit said...

Sending lots of loving scratches to Curley. Poor baby! Hope he starts feeling better soon.

ambermoggie said...

oh poor Curley and poor you all that stress:( Hope he is better now

monica said...

Awww poor Curley. They are so lucky to have you as a foster mom. We have a stray cat here that has decided it likes us. My kids are in love with it but they are sneezing like crazy and are miserable from allergies. I hope we can find his home I fear he became lost in the floods last month, he is so sweet I am sure he was an inside cat at one time.

Those other two are adorable too.

Maureen said...

WOW! That is crazy! Poor thing! Hope he is feeling better and home with you safe and sound. Nice looking socks there!

sydney said...

Poor Curley and poor you! Hope Curley is feeling better and back home soon. Tapeworms can be really hard to get rid of. I had a cat with tapeworms once and it took many treatments to get rid of them. Sending good thoughts to Curley.

=Tamar said...

Poor Curley. He's lucky to have you. You did have all the other cats treated again, right?