March 30, 2009

Tanner's big adventure

Long time no post huh? Well I've got 3 shawls knit that need to be blocked, one cowl that needs to be blocked, about 15 pr of infant socks that need to ends woven, and a pair of adult socks that need to be kitchenered and the ends woven. So what did I do? I casted on a cowl instead of finishing a single project because that's how I roll.

I still have my foster guy Tanner. He's my buddy and pal since we spend about 17 hrs together every day. He follows me around the house constantly so my hubby jokes that it's Diane and her shadow.
tanner 12909
I love this guy. So imagine my shock when he followed hubby out of the slider Friday at around 11 pm and decided not to come back home for the weekend. OMG I felt like such a kitty mama failure because although he's technically not my cat he's my baby. We spend a couple hours looking for him on Friday night and I actually had him but he sunk both sent of back claws in my leg and took off. We left our cat Joey outside figuring that Tanner would see his friend and stick around.

Saturday morning D3 saw him on the front porch when she was leaving but he took off and she couldn't spend any time looking for him since she was on her way to work. By the time my hubby and I got up he was nowhere to be found. Saturday afternoon FFCC dropped off a couple traps which we set. Traps empty Sunday morning. Pouring rain on Sunday and thunderstorms on Sunday night but no Tanner. I was getting pretty worried.

My son is a night owl so around 2 am he was going down the hallway and looked out on the front porch. There was Tanner sitting next to the trap with my other cat Joey. S1 opened the front door and distracted Tanner with a toy long enough to grab him and bring him inside.

So this morning when I woke up Tanner was sitting right outside my bedroom door happy as anything to be back home where it's warm and safe. I'm happy he's home.

March 04, 2009

Gator country

As Joey naps on the loveseat he seems blissfully unaware that he is now in dangerous gator country.
Yes there are 3 gators on the couch just feet away from him. How could he not be concerned.
Aren't these just so adorable? The pattern is from Morehouse Farms. Since there are for the grandkids (who's mom doesn't hand wash anything) I used red heart sports weight yarn.

W wore his to school today and his teacher went nuts for it. Actually called my daughter to rave about it. She said, "Oh you'll have to keep it and pass it down to his siblings." My daughter mentioned that each child had one of their own. Seriously what terrible grandma would only make on gator scarf and expect the other kids to wait to use it?

March 01, 2009

Goodbye Oscar

This morning we woke up to find Oscar had passed away. She had been in failing health lately however we made the decission not to take her to the vet feeling that since she was not in pain she should be able to live out her time in the home she loved.
Oscar came to us 18 1/2 yrs ago. My oldest brother was going home down a main road and watch as someone threw something out the passenger window from the pick up truck in front of him. He pulled over and this little grey cat came over to him. He's a dog person and I'm a cat person so she came to live with me. My youngest daughter picked her name (which is why you should never let a 2 yr old name anything).
I'd love to tell you that she was a wonderful pet full of kindness but to be honest she was a terrible pet. If she had gone to a shelter they would have put her down because she was aggressive and unadoptable. We offered Oscar love and kindness but in the end all she's accept from us was food, water, and shelter. She hated every other cat we've ever owned more than she hated us.
We'll miss her and her crabby self around the house. There'll be no one biting and scratching my foot as I try to eat dinner. She won't be nagging me for milk in the morning. Although she wasn't a warm cuddly she was a part of our life for a long time. I hope her spirit is now at rest.