December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays

Today is D2's 24th birthday. She was due on December 10th but even before she was born she was doing things on her own time table. We always joke that the only reason she came out at all was because she didn't want to miss Santa. 2 minutes before midnight. Talk about waiting until the last minute.
A while back I got a beautiful shawl in the mail from someone who didn't want to be known. Instead of doing detective work to track down the maker of the shawl I decided to play it forward. I did a shawl for a coworker and a hat scarf set for an internet friend (although she knew they were from me which is fine). This came yesterday again no name but it put such a smile on my face. The timing was great since Violet and Shadow, the last of the 8 persians I've been fostering, were placed in their forever home yesterday.
There's an icicle growing on the back deck today. Snapped a picture before it breaks off.

And I'll close this posting with a picture of the grandkids visiting with Santa. A and W decided Santa was ok but little Mr N wasn't so sure about sitting on his lap.
Happy holidays to you all.
Love, Diane

December 09, 2008

A little distraction .........

from the fact that I've been knitting 4 pair of socks and haven't completed one pair yet. I've got my nieces socks and her hubby's socks done but need to kitchener the toes on both. I've got the first sock for my sister in law half way through the foot and the first sock for my brother half way through the heel flap. Hope to finish both pair this week.
In the meanwhile, the grandkids came to visit the Saturday after halloween. W and N decided to be bats this year and little Missy A was Winnie the Pooh. The bats were all over the house and at one point we caught this one riding off down the hallway. How friggin' cute is this?
The last 2 persians are making themselves at home. They tend to hang around in my room all day since I'm usually the only one home. They play a little with some of the toys, watch me work, and nap. Shadow will always hang around with us downstairs in the evening. Violet (the silver one) is not that brave. They are both really sweet girls.
Last week I got up and when I went back to make the bed 5 minutes later I was greeted with this.
Talk about making yourself at home huh?

December 03, 2008

Long time no blog

Been a little busy around here with the holidays, grandkids, siblings, and of course more foster persians. The bathroom was clean for one day before the last 3 came.

This is Maggie. She's 6 yrs old and turned out to be very friendly. There was some talk about giving her back to the illegal breeder but based on the vet report there was no way that was going to happen. The owners should be grateful that they weren't arrested for animal neglect and cruelty.
Maggie was adopted last Saturday and seems to have settled into her new home and new life as an only cat.
Curled Up with a Good Book
Along with Maggie came 2 very frightened 6 month old babies named Shadow and Violet. They spent the first 2 weeks hiding behind the curtins in the bathroom even though the door was wide open and they could go anywhere.
Violet is a good little girl who reminds me of Jasper (another rescue persian). She is still skiddish but will let me pet her. Tiny little cat. The other day I guess I was taking too long to open the can of food and she cuffed me one on the leg. Little freshie!
Shadow is quite a bit bigger but the same age. She is now my buddy and will come to me when I call her. She and Violet spend their days sleeping on my bed while I work.
shadow 120108
Hopefully they'll be placed for adoption soon. I requested they be placed together since they are very dependent on each other for support and comfort.

I've been knitting along on christmas socks so nothing has been finished recently except for these
33 stockings
A gal on ravelry sent out a request for mini stocking filled with gum and candy for the troops. The stockings were fun to make and my kids and grandkids helped fill and bag them. With everything the troops risk to insure our freedom it was a honor to work on this project.

Thanksgiving this year was interesting. I was born on Thanksgiving day and every so often my birthday falls on thanksgiving. This year was one of those years plus I turned 50. Yes 50. I remember when I thought 50 was old. Now I think 85 is old. Wonder what I'll think is old when I'm 85?

W was over and decided to draw some decorations around my house. I knew he did one on D3's slider but I was tickled to see this on the window at the top of the stairs.