October 29, 2007

7 random things for a Monday

Vivian tagged me for 7 random things (Vivian has the most handsome son). Since I just shared 8 things not too long ago we'll call this 7 random things for my Monday.

1) I never look forward to working on Mondays. I really never look forward to working at all but Mondays are just terrible.

2) People send me way too many emails marked URGENT. Honestly what really qualifies as urgent? If something is a fyi it's not urgent.

3) When there is a computer problem and the system goes down how come they send an email out to the team? Hello! Computer problem. Can't access email. By the time I'm reading your email the system has come back up. Dumbass!

4) The gal who assigns my work doesn't like me so I get all the hard stuff. I don't mind since I've been doing this job for about 17 yrs so I have the skillset to be able to do everything. I should have sucked up to get easy stuff but truth be told I just don't suck up to anyone.

5) Since all communication is via instant message or email I put myself off line on my instant message system when I don't want to be bothered. I probably spend about 5 hrs out of my 12 hr day off line.

6) I made the best coffee today and drank the entire pot before noon.

7) If I hit the lotto for $3 million tomorrow I'd quite my job in a heart beat. I'd go get a job working in a child care or a senior center just to give myself something to do to stay out of trouble. I'd still work but it would be for myself not for the money.

Tag amoungst yourselves.

October 28, 2007

Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library have book sales at the town library a couple times a year. You can usually pick up some good deals like this cookbook for $1.00.
If the family is wondering "Gee what ever happened to Aunt Mary's Creme De Meinthe recipe" along with several other ones they should remember to check all books before donating.

I was looking at some of the craft books which had been quite picked over by others. I grabbed a couple crochet books (I don't crochet but I have a couple internet buds who do) and lingered over the section paging thru a few remodeling books.

Two ladies were also looking at the craft books. The younger one picked up a needlework book that was a basic overview of a dozen different needle crafts. She commented as she was paging thru, "Oh look mom, there's a pattern for making socks."

The mother who looked to be in her 80's said, "Oh went I was younger my sisters and I had to do all the family knitting. We did the sweaters, vests, and lots of socks. Back then you didn't have store bought things like you do today."

The daughter commented that she couldn't believe they would put a sock pattern in a book from the 70's because certainly people didn't make socks in the 70's. "And why would anyone want this book now? Like anyone hand knits socks now adays?"

I giggled and they both looked in my direction. I lifted my leg a bit and pointed to my ankle. "Yes, there are people who still knit socks by hand. More than you could imagine. Once you wear hand knit socks store bought ones just don't make it anymore."

And the mother commented about how beautiful my plain jane socks were and I went on my way. Silly women!

When good knitting comes to a tragic end

I woke up yesterday to find the scarf for you ISE5 pal all over the floor. About 20+ rows unraveled and the needle missing. I don't know how I didn't start crying. Maybe it was the shock of the whole thing. Only one cat in the house ....
"I hate you more than you will ever hate me", says Oscar
I'm drowning my sorrow in my prize yarn from Jane.
But I really should be finishing the toe decreases and getting these off the needles.

October 23, 2007

Charity by Peer Pressure

What moves you to donate to a charity? For me it's got to be something that I believe in before I throw down my time and money. I do a lot of research to make sure the organization is doing what it actually claims to be doing. Hope worldwide already had contacts in place so donating there when the tsunami hit seemed logical. Making wool socks that are carried by parents adopting children in Russia makes sense. Dropping off bags of cat and dog food to a local shelter seems to fill a need.

Having said this I really resent being propositioned in the grocery store every time I'm there to purchase something to "buy a sneaker for the food bank" or "a balloon for the children's miracle network" or "buy a scratch off for St Jude's". And then the store turns around and trumpets "We've donated $50,000 to St Judes." No you didn't. You collected $50,000 from your patrons and donated it.

My town had the unfortunate experience of having 2 men break into a house which ended in a triple homicide. Complete random act that could have happened to anyone. People in town don't know how to cope with something like this. It's a small town, very quiet. Nothing ever happens here.

So somewhere in the scheme of things someone decided to sell luminaries to raise money to donate to MS. The mother killed has MS and the family raised money for MS. This turned from a couple streets doing this to the entire town being solicited.

When they turned up on my porch to ask for money I said no. And my no was met with a look of disbelief, stammering, and the reply, "Do you even know what we're trying to do here? Can I explain this to you?" I said I understood and the woman scampered off my porch like I had the plague.

It's not the money. Certainly I can afford $1.00 at the grocery store. I've got the $10.00 to pitch in for luminaries. The reason I don't participate is that I feel it's charity caused by peer pressure. I don't want to support a cause because all the cool kids are supporting it.

What are your thoughts on charity?

Knitting along

The view today; cloudy, a little overcast with rain coming in. We really need the rain. Funny how lately either you have too much rain or not nearly enough no matter where you live.
This is a yucky picture of my Adamas shawl before blocking. It looks much nicer in real life than it does in this picture. I added a repeat in the body so it's heavier, longer and wider. Think this one will get a ton of wear this winter.
Hat for a giant? Purse to be felted? Nope. I finally figured out what to do with the scratchy yarn I bought that I couldn't use to make socks for CIC. Felted kitty bed. My cats are indoor/outdoor country cats. So I'm making a couple of these to throw on the covered front porch and I'll put some fleece in so if they happen to be outside during the winter they'll have a nice warm spot to nap in after they catch a mouse or two.

October 20, 2007

The half.com deal

Just clicking around the other night and I found this. The Disney book of knitting.
Pulled from a library out in community college in Wisconsin. I guess people don't flock to community college libraries looking for knitting books. Sad but true.
I'm not all that taken by the patterns they have in the book. Some are really pretty like this sweater and some are really awful. However .........
There is charting on a ton of disney characters. What a find for $1.50. Shipping media mail ended up costing more than the purchase of the book.

Off the needles

6 different superwash sock yarns in one pair of socks. The positive: Using up some of that left over yarn. The negative: All those ends to weave.
Finished two hats for two little turtles.
Blob-o-lace is almost done. Working on the last chart for the edging.
And plugging along on these.

October 19, 2007

I've been tagged

by Connie

The Rules:Once tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list 8 random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they’ve been tagged.

1) I suffer from startitis. I love to start new projects instead of finishing the ones I'm currently working on. If you know a cure please pass it on.

2) I open all my mail while standing in front of my fireplace. All junk mail goes into the fireplace and is burned asap. About 90% of my mail is turned into BTU's to heat the house.

3) I love getting things on sale. I can't remember the last time I paid full price for anything. Consignment shops are my fav.

4) I need to get a hair cut. The last haircut I got was 3 yrs ago. Being very lazy I just put it all in a ponytail and every month or so say, "Geeze this is getting long. I should get a hair cut."

5) I never finished my college degree. In my line of work it doesn't matter. It's job specific training. I've toyed with the idea of going back but came to the conclusion that a college degree wouldn't make me a better person. I'm happy just the way I am.

6) I never go to the movies but I love watching DVDs. Netflix rocks.

7) I telecommute full time. I haven't met any of the bosses I've worked for in the last 6 yrs. Ditto for all my fellow team members. Since I'm not really a people person it works out fine for me.

8) I love spending time with my grandchildren. Having W, N, and A has given me a new perspective on life. I love being a mom but I adore being a Gram.

Consider yourselves tagged.

October 14, 2007

The best pal continues and $8.98

Aren't these just so cute? Excuse the awful picture but it was overcast and horrible this morning. Anita put them in the spider web kit in my dishcloth exchange package. I put them back on the pins since I started using them the minute I found them. What a super talented gal you are, Anita! Check out her esty shop for these (with a much better picture) and many more wonderful things.
Plugging along I finished 1 of my Opal green prisma socks (casted on the second one already) and one of my leftover socks. All I can say about the leftover sock is that it doesn't suck as bad as I thought it would. This picture was taken this morning and I'm already almost done with the second leftover sock. It doesn't match but I didn't expect it to.
I got this wonderful package from Jane for her show your socks contest. The yarn has been sitting on my couch trying to let me know it if wants to be socks or mitts.
I was assigned the task of knitting hats for W and N to go with their Halloween costumes. This year they are going to be turtles. W will be a blue turtle and N will be a green turtle. So I picked up some yarn over the weekend to make them hats for their turtle heads.

And since I saw picking thru the clearance stuff I decided to get these. The yarn is called jewlery box? and it was $1 per 2 oz skein. I think I'll make a couple scarves and donate them to the human services department. Every year for the holidays they have families come in and pick out gifts so I think some child might pick out a nice scarf for mom. So add another $8.98 to my yarn total for the year.

I signed up for the MS3 but never got around to knitting the shawl. It was a lovely pattern so I just bought it instead and will make it sometime in the future. 2 versions for the shawl so it's money well spent.

October 11, 2007

More knitting than blogging lately

Finished the sixth sense socks made from Opal Smoke.
Woke up the other morning to these guys sitting on my kitchen counter. D2 was at the open house for Bender Kitchen and Bath's new showroom and was given one of these for each of her neice and nephews.
Don't know if I'm feeling this or not but how about a sock of leftovers? D1 will love it.
The never ending blob-o-lace.
And these pretty green socks made from Opal Prisma from my stash.

The grandsons were supose to sleep over last Friday night but W was sick. So I just had N. He was so cute that I decided to keep him all weekend. We watched dvds, had snacks, played, did a little reading, went out for lunch on Saturday (he had a huge chocolate chip cookie for lunch at a local cafe'), played, napped, went to the park, went out to dinner, and had a great time. When I went to take him home Sunday he was crying, "No Gram, I want to stay with you forever." Well seriously who wouldn't?

When N got home his brother grilled him about everything he did for the weekend. But the cutest thing was N sitting on his mom's lap and saying, "Mommy, can you keep me here forever?" HEY!!!! Thought you wanted to live with me forever? Those 2 yr olds are always changing their minds.

October 05, 2007

Thank you Anita!!!

I always have the best exchange partners and here's Anita's package to prove it!
How cute is that bag? Could that cow card be any more adorable?
And inside was pretzels (my fav snack) memo paper, soap, chili, a pattern,
a spider web kit, hand cream, yarn, candy, a back scrubber, and a washcloth.
Isn't it pretty?
I even love the back! Thanks Anita! You're the best!

October 03, 2007

A little knitting and a stupid cat story

A little shawl knitting. I can't remember the pattern name off the top of my head (the same one I used for my green shawl) and I don't remember the yarn other than it's knit picks and the color is called smores. I wanted something a little heavier to throw on my shoulders while I'm working this winter. Something that wouldn't show dirt too much so I don't have to wash it until it smells. How grown up is that line of thought?
And this is where I am on sock #2 of my sixth sense sock.
So how about a litle cat story? It's about the evil one, Oscar.

"Please, Diane, they'll never believe I could be that evil."

Every night before bed my clothes from the day end up on a pile on the floor. In the morning as part of my routine I make the bed and throw the clothes in the wicket basket I use as a hamper in my room. Same routine for the 14 yrs we've lived here.

Yesterday I threw my clothes in the basket and the friggin' basket moved. I screamed, jumped about a foot off the floor, and jumped backwards about 3 ft in a nano second. OMG!!!!! I regroup myself enough to look in the basket and it turns out to be this one shooting me the same pissy look as she is in this picture."Ok well someone has to be evil in the house so it might as well be me."

She's never in my room (because the other two cats hang out there all the time and she hates them) and she's never been in that basket before. I was telling my son about this and he said, "Well, I think she's on her quest to kill you. Since she tried tripping you on the stairs and you didn't die, tried tripping you in the kitchen and you didn't die, she probably decided that maybe a heart attack would do you in." I think my son may be on to something here.

October 01, 2007

Showing my socks

This post is for Jane's 3rd annual show your socks contest. This sorry pair of socks is my very first pair of socks. I had never used thin yarn, never knit on bamboo double points, and never before knit a sock. After finishing these I was hooked and knew I could only get better.

This is my latest finished pair. Knitting socks is my favorite knitting. The only thing better than knitting them is wearing them.