October 29, 2007

7 random things for a Monday

Vivian tagged me for 7 random things (Vivian has the most handsome son). Since I just shared 8 things not too long ago we'll call this 7 random things for my Monday.

1) I never look forward to working on Mondays. I really never look forward to working at all but Mondays are just terrible.

2) People send me way too many emails marked URGENT. Honestly what really qualifies as urgent? If something is a fyi it's not urgent.

3) When there is a computer problem and the system goes down how come they send an email out to the team? Hello! Computer problem. Can't access email. By the time I'm reading your email the system has come back up. Dumbass!

4) The gal who assigns my work doesn't like me so I get all the hard stuff. I don't mind since I've been doing this job for about 17 yrs so I have the skillset to be able to do everything. I should have sucked up to get easy stuff but truth be told I just don't suck up to anyone.

5) Since all communication is via instant message or email I put myself off line on my instant message system when I don't want to be bothered. I probably spend about 5 hrs out of my 12 hr day off line.

6) I made the best coffee today and drank the entire pot before noon.

7) If I hit the lotto for $3 million tomorrow I'd quite my job in a heart beat. I'd go get a job working in a child care or a senior center just to give myself something to do to stay out of trouble. I'd still work but it would be for myself not for the money.

Tag amoungst yourselves.


monica said...

Isn't that appear off line a fantastic feature. It is almost as good as the invention of caller ID and the answering machine.

I was reading your post from a few days ago about the scarf and the cat. Maybe Oscar just has a love for the fibers. I mean really, who could resist some beautiful red alpaca.

Vivian said...

Thanks Diane! I share your sentiment about Mondays.

Anita said...

Snicker, I love #3!!!
And AMEN to #4!!! :)

Lynn said...

I agree with Mondays. I just don't like them. If I could work a 4 day work week, I would choose Monday off and work Fridays instead. Still get a 3 day wknd, but working on Fridays is always much more fun than working on a Monday.