November 02, 2007

Crazier socks

No these. These are not crazy socks. Opal yarn never makes crazy socks. I was finished with the leg on the second sock when I noticed I started the first 2 rows after the ribbing with k4 p4 when it should have been knit all. Oh well, wasn't gonna frog back for something like that.
Plain janes for some mindless knitting.
The Alpaca Yarn reborn. This is but in the bottom on my knitting bag and has escaped the wrath of Oscar up to now.
I was playing with left over sock yarn the other day and figured it was time for another experiment in sock knitting. Smaller balls of yarn arranged crazy, calm, bright, mute until I thought it was an interesting balance. Then put them in knit order on a little knitting needle and start knitting away.

Not pretty or ugly but quite interesting. But I will say my new pumpkin stitch markers make them adorable.


Eikon said...

Those socks are rather crazy. I'm coming up on a pair of them after my next two sock projects but they will probably be forstaled by Christmas knitting.

Kelli said...

Oooo, nice stitch markers

Anita said...

Just look at the little guys go! Cool, no one has ever taken a picture of them in use before, at least not where I have seen. Thanks! :)

I have just finished a pair of socks & I saved my little leftover bits... maybe one day I'll be able to make a pair of those crazy socks like yours!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back on track with your ISE5 scarf. I'm plugging away at yours after scrapping the original and changing over to something completely new and different!

Can't wait to see the finished results!

Take care

ISE5 Pal

Sandra said...

All your socks are lovely, but I must say, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished pair of "odd yarn" socks. I've been saving my sock yarn scraps for the same purpose one day, so it will be helpful to see how they work up for others. So far, I would say you are doing a bang-up job!

Have a great day. :)

sydney said...

I'm glad your alpaca yarn has escapted Oscar's wrath this time around. :) I like your crazy socks! That reminds me that I saw a pattern for using odd balls of sock yarn that I need to find again.