November 05, 2007

The weekend

Saturday sunset was just breathtaking. The entire house was filled with a pink glow. This was the view from my deck.
And this was the view in my great room on Sunday morning. I kept the grandsons from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. We had a good time although the weather wasn't great.
N is getting over a cold so he wasn't his usual happy self.
Of course the minute you pull out a camera W wants you to take a picture of his butt. I hope he outgrows this before his wedding. I always laugh because that's one thing you'll never hear from an adult's mouth, "Hey can you take a picture of my butt?"
So I'm a little bummed over the grandson's socks. I finished 6 pr each for them and the knitpicks yarn I used seems to have shrunk. I've never had a problem with essentials before but these are not good at all. N's foot grew a little but the socks are about 2" too short right now and his foot didn't grow 2" since September.

I being a sock making grandma I had N pick out some yarn and started a new type of sock just for his foot type. Lots of k1,p1 ribbing in the leg and while doing the gusset decreases. I also decided to use a contrasting yarn for the toe so I can pick the toe out and reknit when his foot grows.
First crazy ass sock is finished. The nice thing about this type of sock is that you don't even have to worry about the second sock matching.


Maureen said...

Love the socks ans the lovely sunset! I have to make a pair (or Two) of the scrap socks... soon!

Lovs2Knit said...

Gorgeous sunset!
I know kids feet grow fast but I don't think they grow that fast. :~)
Which reminds me, I need to get some socks knit for my kiddos.

sophanne said...

Holycrap- I'm totally laughing at the butt thing. Can you take a picture of my butt? My nephews were the same way! I wonder why that's so hysterical to them.

sydney said...

LOL at the butt picture! That's too bad about the socks. I'm pretty sure kids' feet don't grow that fast. I like your scrap sock!

Lynn said...

Great idea abt the different colored toes! Never thought of that, maybe I should with #1 Son's socks.....
And I like the green with the blue.