February 18, 2009

Gifts form a friend

The interesting thing about the internet and blogging is that you get to 'meet' such interesting people from all over the world that you would never know otherwise. Such is the case with my friend Vivian in California.

Vivian is quite the knitter and an interesting person however one of the most interesting things about Vivian is the love and admiration she has for her mom, Lena. Her mom is also a knitter who has a passion for knitting for CIC.

Lena has some recent surgery right before her birthday so Vivian reached out into cyber world and asked if we could send a card to her mom. I decided to sent a card plus some yarn. It worked out better just to send an order from knitpicks directly to Lena once I figured out what it would end up costing to mail from CT to CA. The yarn and card arrived and I knew Lena would be happily knitting some wonderful vests for CIC.

Imagine my suprise to get a package that contained this
and these
Everything lovely made by Lena. I'll donate the vests in her name to CIC and throw in a couple pair of socks too. Isn't she just a treasure of a person. Vivian you are so lucky.

Knitting but no finishing

Knitting right along on anything that grabs my attention. Take for instance left over sock yarn. Instead of gathering it up and putting it away I decided just to knit some infant socks. Not that I know anyone who has an infant currently but I'll find somewhere to donate them. Please notice that Tanner is earning his keep my insuring all socks are done to the highest quality and coated with a layer of cream colored cat fur.

Socks without my cat helper.

Helena is moving right along for my granddaughter. I stopped when I finished the body so I could try it on her to make sure the length was ok. Looks great so now I just have to finish the sleeves and front/neck. D1 and I decided that they need to make this pattern in an adult size because it's so pretty.
The grandkids needed scarves so a little surfing on ravelry and I found alligator scarves. I ordered the pattern from Morehouse Farm a while back but just casted on the first on on Saturday.

Pretty cute. The yarn is red heart in a sports weight. The green camo is for N. W picked red and Missy A picked purple.
My friend's mom isn't doing well. I finished the knitting on the white shawl only to discover that the color for brain cancer is grey not white. The color is something that is very important to her mom so I knit up this smoke ring instead using opal sock yarn in a light grey color. I figured it would be easy to toss in the washer and dryer with no fuss leaving plenty of time for my friend to worry about other things while taking care of her mom.
I added more repeats to the width since sock yarn doesn't block out and the width as the pattern was written would have been 20". Easy pattern that was fun to do. My youngest daughter thought it looked pretty cool so I might have to make her one.
So that's about it for around here. Another storm is coming in later today. Anything but ice would be fine with me. I've had quite enough ice this winter, thank you very much.