October 05, 2007

Thank you Anita!!!

I always have the best exchange partners and here's Anita's package to prove it!
How cute is that bag? Could that cow card be any more adorable?
And inside was pretzels (my fav snack) memo paper, soap, chili, a pattern,
a spider web kit, hand cream, yarn, candy, a back scrubber, and a washcloth.
Isn't it pretty?
I even love the back! Thanks Anita! You're the best!


gypsyknits said...

Beautiful cloth. What a nice exchange. Enjoy!

Yarndemon said...

Hi Diane, Did you look in the pumpkin box with the spider in it? There is something else in there!! :) Anita

Terri said...

What a great package! I participated in my first swap ever this summer and was blown away by my partner's generosity. Isn't it amazing how good people you've never seen can be?

monica said...

What a great exchange package. I love the cloth and the back scrubber, how neat.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful exhange package. I love the color of the scrubber and dishcloth.

sydney said...

That's a nice exchange package! I love the pattern on the scrubber and washcloth.