July 07, 2008

Ray of sunshine on a cloudy day

Here's the latest picture of my foster kittens. Moe is laying down with is eyes closed pretending not to notice and Curley was walking over him. Larry has that deep thoughtful look probably thinking something like 'When's Mom going to put down that silver flashy thing and clean the litter box.'
So yesterday was a picnic at my parents house. Usually I love family get togethers but now they are just making me sad. Is this the last birthday with my Dad? The last memorial day? Last 4th of July he'll be around? And to make matters even worse my oldest brother is pissed about all this. He thinks my father should do everything possible to fight this cancer. He can't come to terms with non treatment.
Now I understand that everyone goes thru stages of grief. Heck last month I was pissed at all 3 of my brothers because they don't have kids so they only have to come to grips with this situation and don't have to help young adults and small children thru this process. Irrational? Yup but I was going thru the process.
So by the time I got home yesterday I was just drained. Too emotional to cry. Brain just racing a million thoughts a second. I sat upstairs with my kittens for about 2 hrs and went to bed but didn't sleep a wink. Today? Super sad for everyone. Just trying to get thru the work day. And then this came.

Who is it from? I'm not sure but I do know it's from someone in the Ravelry Brave Whores group. It's a hysterical group where you can freely admit that you are addicted to far too many reality tv shows. The discussion are light and lively. I love all the people in the forum like they are neighbors I'll never actually see. It's a great escape from real life. The note says: To wear Sunday's reading the paper with dad - and in the years to come to remember him by - Not expertly knit - but knitted with love - A Bravo Whore

Now I've never discussed any of this on Ravelry so someone took the time to read thru my blog, knit a beautiful shawl, get my address, and mail this off to me. I'm so touched. Thank you fellow BW. I love you for doing thing.


Lovs2Knit said...

That has got to be the nicest thing I've ever seen. The person who sent that to you is a true angel. :)

Anonymous said...

It's a really lovely shawl and that was super nice of someone to do.

monica said...

That is so sweet I am convinced that knitters are some of the most generous people around.

The kittens are growing so fast. I don't know if I could let them go I am not foster material I would turn into that cat lady that lives down the road.

Ria said...

Sorry about everything you're going through with your dad. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

Whoever sent that shawl is an amazing angel. It's pretty unbelievable how close we get to people we only meet in cyberspace.

Those kittens are too cute! i want to come catnap them all!

Maria (tonyfan20 on Ravelry, CrazyTonyFan on MSN)

sydney said...

What a lovely and thoughtful gift!

Larry is probably hoping you'll leave soon so he can get into trouble. Moe looks completely comfortable.

Take care!

Lynn said...

What a sweet sweet thing to do!!!!

I have no words of wisdom, but know there are those of us that think of you.

Give those kitties a hug. Kitty hugs always make things more bearable.

Maureen said...

Fun kitties pic! Wow, what a lovely thing for a person to send to you! I do hope it brings lots of comfort for you in this crazy time. Hope your dad is comfortable and feeling good.

gypsyknits said...

Just when we think we're alone an angel walks amongst us.
What a beautiful and thoughtful gift.
Ignore the brothers (I have one of those creatures too) and enjoy the time with your dad instead.
Prayers continue with you and your family.
Hug the kittens!