August 05, 2008

And then there was one

Moe says: Hi everyone. I'm going to be the last kitten in the house after today. Larry left yesterday with his new mommy and Grey is leaving today with his new family. I'm going to have to put up with all the hugs, smooches, and pets all my myself. Better rest up.
But somehow napping takes second place the minute I get out my wip to grab a pic or two. Please note that no cats were even in the room. They must have heard the sound of yarn being pulled and ran over.
Dress #2 take 2. I really wasn't feeling the pattern too much so Sunday when Moe decided to gnaw on brand new knitpicks 24" circular size 3 needles into 12" non circular size 3 needles I decided just to rip it out and start over. I changed the bottom to a couple rows of ridges and eyelets before changing over to ss. Love it. Ordered another 24" circulars today. Can't be mad when kittens ruin your stuff.
Moe says: When you're a kitten everything becomes a kitten toy.
Grey says: I hope my next family doesn't put that shiney thing in my face to take pictures all the time. It's annoying .... especially when I'm trying to get in a couple more nips before I leave today.


herself75 said...

kittens just LOVE to chew on wires! I don't know how none of mine electricuted themselves... I hope Moe finds a new home soon. (and no.. don't even think it! we are full up on things that poop in this house!)

Lynn said...

They are SO adorable!!!! Can't believe you are down to one.

Are you itching for a new batch or will you take a break?

sydney said...

I'm convinced cats can hear yarn moving. :)

Moe, I'm sure you'll have a new home soon.

Ria said...

Moe is just soo cute! I wish I could take him!

gypsyknits said...

Oh my, mauled needles.......never a good thing:)
I like the WIP