August 24, 2008

I finally finished stuff!!!!!

HTM dishcloth Kenley inspired
Finally some finished stuff!!! First up is a Hot Tranney Mess of a dishcloth that I knit for giggles in the Ravelrylmpics. Totally not usable but I have to admit that I did get a laugh out of posting it on the finished thread topic. Everyone else had beautifully, useful dishcloths and I posted this.

As part of the Ravelrylmpics I also decided to finish all the socks hanging out in the bottom of my knitting bag. Was soooo glad to get them all done.

knitting bag socks

And I also knit some socks for the grandkids too. 2 pr for Miss A for her 2nd birthday and one pair each for N and W to wear on their first day of preschool and kindergarden.

Olympic socks

I still have my assistand kitten Moe to help me out on a daily bases. Here he is making sure I'm not typing bad things.


And here he is checking the lighting on my photo shoot for my socks yesterday.

Moe checks the lighting

Or at least I thought he was checking the lighting until he picked up one of the socks and ran off with it. PLEASE SOMEONE ADOPT THIS KITTEN!!!!


Lovs2Knit said...

Hopefully Moe will find his forever home soon. Before anymore socks disappear or needles are attacked. He is super cute though. :)

gypsyknits said...

OMG! ROTFL.........poor Moe and you. Do you think he could be adopted with Mr. Bettis? LOL

Love the dishcloth:)& the socks!
Thanks for the laugh for the day!

gypsyknits said...

Just a don't think that he hasn't been adopted because of the blogging of his questionable behavior, do you? LOL
Perhaps you could blog dreamy wonderful things about him. Of course his eyes tell a different story:).

Ria said...

Love the socks! Love Moe! So wish I could take him.

monica said...

I love Moe, maybe you are his intended forever mommy. He sure is a beauty.

Alll your socks look wonderful as usual. And I love the dishcloth.

Terri said...

Lots of stuff to say!

I love the dishcloth x ten thousand.

Moe is adorable and I totally feel what you feel over the needles & knitting. A big squirt bottle of cold water helps immensely. When he goes near the knitting "SPLOOSH" it worked on a yarn eating cat of ours and may help Moe to learn, too.

The dog on my blog is home with his real family now. YEAY!

Sydney said...

LOL at Moe! I don't know, he seems to be making himself right at home.

I love that dishcloth, usable or not, and look at all of those socks!

Ruth said...

Wow--that's some kind of fancy dishcloth. What are you going to do with it? (Can you embarass your kid(s) with it in some way? That would be fun....)

Congrats on finishing all the socks!

Maureen said...

You got lots done over the last 2 weeks. That is a lot of socks to finish off. Love the dishcloth too. Fun and sparkly! Good luck with Moe.

Lynn said...

Ok Moe just cracks me up!!! and I have a feeling he might already be at his forever home. It's one of those love/hate relationships you hear abt all the time!! LOL

Great socks you got finished and I love the designer dish cloth!!

Marie said...

Love that dishcloth!! it is pretty enough to frame and disply in your kitchen! I think you do need more sock yarn for socks!! Holy Moly lady you have been busy!

Vivian said...

Your dishcloth looks like a nice decor for a matching flower arrangement.

All those socks, wow!