August 09, 2008

Kittens don't know how to knit

Oscar says: It's so wet outside. I can't believe Diane actually forgot to bring me inside. My fur is wet and my dainty little paws had to walk on wet grass.
Moe says: num num num this kitten food is yummy.
And then this happened. Oscar aka the evil one started sharing a bowl of food with little Moe. The cat who hates everyone and everything actually eatting peacefully with a little feral kitten. No one would believe it without pictures.
Lately when I'm knitting you'll hear me say intelligent things like .... Moe, stop chewing on that needle. Moe, kittens don't knit. Moe, enough with the chewing on the yarn. Moe, get your claws out of that. Come on Moe go play with your kitten toys.
Moe is obsessed with my knitting. Last week he chewed my brand new knitpicks 24" size 3 circulars into brand new knitpicks size 3 12" non circular needles. Last night I was working on a sock for little Missy A for her birthday. I put the finished leg in my knitting bag and covered it over to hid the needles. This morning I came downstairs to this sitting right on my usual knitting spot on the loveseat. My sock with one needles removed from the stitches and sitting right next to the sock.

And just when I was about to celebrate that more damage hadn't been done I noticed that Moe chewed the crap out of one of the needles still in the sock. Of course Moe was sitting on the back of the loveseat looking a cute as ever. I held up the sock and said, "Moe this is why kittens don't knit. They don't know how." D2 came around the corner laughing at me.

70 rows done on the 2nd dress with 18 more to go before I decrease and start the top. Dress #1 has the front done but I pulled the needles to work on this dress so I'll be finishing them both around the same time.

Gotta go check to make sure my knitting is tucked away for the night.


sydney said...

Poor Oscar. There's nothing sadder than a wet cat. ;)

Maybe Moe needs his own knitting needles and yarn. LOL!

Alison Boon said...

Cat's do not like being wet. Peri ( my cat) just has to get inseide the knitting bag adn see what goodies there might be to play with. He hasn't destroyed needles but the yarn can end up anywhere.

Lynn said...

Ok even though Moe is into destructive knitting, I think you have found a soul mate for Oscar and need to keep Moe around for him!

Ria said...

Why is it even when you try to get a cat to come inside, and they ignore you, it's still your fault in their minds when they get wet?

I almost locked my mom's cat in my knitting tote last week while cat sitting. that was obviously my fault too ( the look i got when I opened it!) Still don't know how she got in there as the lid was still closed when I closed the latches and she freaked.

Maureen said...

Cute kitty pics. Oscar looks miserable! Maybe he'll share now with less kittens in the house. Both of your projects are looking nice!

Lovs2Knit said...

Poor Oscar! He doesn't look very happy to be wet. Our cat was way past kitty stage and still chewed on wooden needles. That goofy cat use to chew on the kids wooden rocking horse.

Karen said...

Maybe Moe does know how to knit but only does it while you're asleep. Oscar does not look happy in that first picture!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am so far behind in reading my blogs, and you have been so busy. Very good on those dresses. I love the yarns too, and I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled.

The kittens are delightful. I could never do foster kittens. I would be in love with every one and then not be able to let them go. Boy would I be in trouble! LOL


gypsyknits said...

ROTFL.........okay, that's not very nice of me but oh my gosh. He chewed the needle in half? He must be Mr. Bettis in cat form.

I think this means an order to knitpicks is on your agenda.....LOL

Robin said...

Oh, the kittens are SO CUTE!! I love kittens. My cats are both 15 years old now, and we adopted them when they were two years old, so I haven't gotten to experience the kitten thing. YET.