September 14, 2008

Finally off my lazy butt ...

to do a little update. Moe was adopted by a wonderful young woman and is happy in his new home. She's a non knitter so it's a perfect pair. It was a good thing because I already had taken in these guys and they were all sick so Moe couldn't play with them. These two are Coal and Dusty. They are both males and extremely friendly.
Coal and Dusty litter #3
This is Ashley. She was so scared when I first picked her up but now she's the first one to come running and sit in my lap to be pet.
Ashley litter #3

There's been some knitting going on. I bought some yarn off ebay a while back. It was cheap because it was poorly koolaid dyed. So I ended up using both balls working two rows from each ball in order to get it to blend better. So far so good.
hat in progress
Working on a green hat in the same design just in the round.
green hat in progress
And finished a pink hat from the same pattern.
finished pink hat
Worked on some dishcloths for my neice who just bought her first home with her hubby.
assorted dishcloths
And I'm using the left overs to do a blanket for the kittens to snuggle in. I wanted something totally washable.
left over cotton kitten blanket
Finished another pair of socks for W
grandson #1 socks
Just a little more to go on Missy A's jumper
pink jumper in progress
And plugging along on a shawl for a work friend who is out recovering from breast cancer. Usually I'd use a nice wool but since she's by herself I decided to use Herrschners 2 ply afghan yarn because it's washable.
Work pal's shawl
And since one can never have enought sock yarn I bought these from Ray. I couldn't decide on a color so I ordered 3 skeins with the instructions of do anything you want as long as the colors include blues and greens. I think he did a wonderful job and I was so please when I opened the package. These will all be socks for me, me, me.
Ray's special sock yarn

All the kids are back in college. D2 started a 2 yr radiology program at Naugatuck Valley Community College. S1 is there too finishing his 2 yr engineering degree. D3 is at Eastern Connecticut State University working on her 4 yr degree in social work.

W started kindergarden and is having a wonderful time. N started preschool and he's having a blast. A is home with mommy asking where everyone is when they are at school.

My dad was getting small dosages of chemo trying to shrink the tumers in his liver to give him some comfort. Unfortunately the chemo was doing more harm than good so last Tuesday they decided to stop all treatment. He signed the paperwork needed to go into the hospice program on Wednesday. Mom's freaking out, dad's resigned to the fact that it'll all be over sooner rather than later, and as usual I'm not dealing with anything other than supporting both of them and pitching in as much as I can. Since stopping the chemo he's been eatting better and has more strength so it's in God's hands now.


Sydney said...

I'm glad Moe found a home. The new kittens are so cute! I see you've been busy knitting too.

I'm sorry the chemo didn't work out for your Dad. You, your Dad and the rest of your family are in my thoughts.

ambermoggie said...

Sorry to hear about your dad, hopefully he will feel better in himself not having the chemo. Sending healing thoughts for you all. I am so pleased Moe found a good home and the other kitties are sweeties aren't they?
I love the knitting you've done and I think those yarns from Ray will be gorgeous as socks

Karen said...

Thinking of you and your family during this difficult time.

Ria said...

I think I'm going to miss the updates on Moe, he was such a sweetie. Glad he found a non-yarn home. The new kitties are so cute!

can't wait to see how the socks come out, especially the ones from the yarn all the way to the left!

My thoughts and prayers out to you, your mom and dad, and the rest of the family.


gypsyknits said...

Little Moe finally found a home YAY! The new arrivals are cute and your knitting is wonderful to see. Thanks for sharing.

Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Lynn said...

Hugs to you and your family. Cancer is a rough business. I'm glad that he is at least eating better and in good spirits.

WOW have you been busy!!! Look at all you've done! Great job on all of it!

And love the new kitties, esp that grey one. Cyber hugs to them as well.

monica said...

You and your family are in my prayers. I know it was hard to see my mom going through that, so I know where you are at.

So glad to hear Moe is in a non knitting home, I think you are right, it is a perfect match, otherwise she would go broke trying to keep up with his bamboo chewing habit.

All your knitting looks wonderful, as usual.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad little Moe found a good non-knitting home, but I bet he misses your needles. LOL

You certainly have done a lot of knitting too. I am rather slow, but I am steady so eventually I always finish.

Your Dad and my hubby, neither doing well with chemo. We went through the same here. Sometimes it is more important to feel better and just go with the flow. My best wishes to your Dad, your Mom and you too. Take care. :)

Olga said...

My heart goes out to you and your family. God willing, it will be a peaceful time for him.
Thanks for your comment on my post, I'd like to send reply but I don't have your email and I don't want you to think I'm blowing you off by not replying. If you'd rather not share it- no worries. I'll just reply here on your comments, mine is knitfrauATsioDOTmidcoDOTnet

Carol said...

In God's and your hands. I'm sorry about your father and the obvious stress to you and your mom. Hospice is a wonderful organization - may they bring you all peaceful days and restful nights.

You are all in my kind to yourself.

Carol aka KW (Ravelry)