September 24, 2007

The answers and our winner!

Ok first the answers to what won at the fair. The little green sweater set and the maroon feather and fans stole both won 1st. The green shawl won 2nd. And the felted bag took 3rd.

Personally I was shocked that the jumper didn't win because it had knitting, crocheting and embrodery all in one item. Quite a range of skills needed. And I didn't think the felted bag should have gotten anything because really how hard is it to knit in the round, throw it in hot water and dry it over a box.

Congrats to luckey #22 comment which belongs to Babs.


Tabitha said...

The judges are so blind. That jumper is the cutest baby item I have seen in ages. It deserved a ribbon too. Congrats on all the ribbons. I am going to have to find a county fair and see if I can win a ribbon.

monica said...

well that jumper is gorgeous I don't care what the jusges think. If I had a little person to wear one I would be making one. Congrats on the ribbons and congrats to Babs.

Dee said...

Congratulations on the ribbons!