September 10, 2007

It sounded like a good idea

And it looks like the correct choice for bee buttons for the tabs on this jumper would be neither.
I think it's just too bright of a yellow on this piece.
Probably would look cute here but I'm sure A would be OBSESSED with it and would have it pulled off in no time at all. So I'll forget the buttons and just sew on the snaps.
I did finish my Gedifra (color 4205) yesterday. I like them.
And as always you can't leave naked sock needles so on went this yarn. It's Garnstudio's Fabel superwash from Astrid's. Couldn't pass up the price so we'll see how it wears.


Anonymous said...

The little dress is adorable. How about just some plain light yellow buttons?

Love the new sock color. That will make for some HAPPY feet!

sophanne said...

That bee is too cute at those flowers- I understand the reluctance but still- too cute!

Rachel said...

Very nice job on the jumper, and I just LOVE the color of that sock yarn from Garnstudio. For some reason I'm really into reds right now. Great work!

Tabitha said...

That is the cutest jumper I have ever seen. Almost makes me want another baby girl. Almost.