September 25, 2007

Gotta have stuff on the needles

Finished but still in need of a light blocking pumpkin dishcloth. Love, love, love this pattern. I hope my autumn exchange partner will like it too.
Onto the second sock on my snake socks. The yarn is Opal musica color 1026. This pattern was offered free a while back if you emailed a request. I emailed, printed, and filed. Gotta say the filing was a mistake. It's a beautiful pattern that I should have knit as soon as it was off the printer. Ms Conklin's pattern is well written, fast, and really pretty. Since I'm all about the comfort I did decided to use a heel flap. This is the heel that seems to fit my foot the best.
And plugging away on my Sixth Sense Sock. The pattern an old one from the six sock knit along written by Susan Pierce Lawrence. I love her patterns and have her forest canopy shawl on my to do list. I changed the top to 3x3 ribbing and replaced the heel with a traditional flap.

The yarn is Opal smoke color 1651. I started using the yarn for a socks for my son in law's size 12 feet. Got thru the leg and heel flap and stopped knitting. I don't know why the this yarn didn't want to be a sock for my sil so I frogged it and decided to reknit into a sock for me.

I'm looking for a pattern for sweaters in little man size 3 and 5. I've been clicking around on Ravelry but OMG there's just too much to look at. I start off on task and end up looking at other projects. Too many talented people out there in the land of knitting. So it looks like I'd be better off getting out some of my pattern books and seeing what I can find. Any suggests?


Patricia said...

Great cloth. I'm teaching a friend to knit and we're starting with dishcloths. Thanks for sharing!

Babs said...

That dishcloth is evil. Bring bad juju to your swap partner. Many tears.

Sorry, I couldn't resist, it just is so funkah!

Eikon said...

Oh pumpkins; I make dish clothes for the professors I like.

Anonymous said...

Love the pumpkin, I'm sure your pal will love it! I know I would! Hope you like yours!! Wonder what it is? :)
Your Secret Swap Pal

Kat said...

Love the dishcloth! The socks look awesome, too!

monica said...

Love the dishcloth. I made the illusion knit one last year for a swap, I hated to send it away.
Your socks look wonderful as usual.
Have you looked at any of the Sirdar patterns for the grandsons, I have made several of their patterns over the years and have enjoyed each one.

Ruth said...

Love the snake socks, very cool.

Trish said...

I started to comment last night but fell asleep before I could hit send...woke up this morning with laptop still on next to me...guess I overdid Ravelry surfing just a little bit. (newbie). Anyway, I wanted to tell you how I love your snake-y socks! And the pumpkin washcloth too!