September 16, 2007

Where did the summer go?

Don't you just love this colorways? I love it so much. The yarn is Garnstudio's Gabel superwash that I got from Astrids. Can't wait to get them on my feet.
I made a little cellphone pouch from D2 out of some of the leftovers. And of course D1 wanted one too so I made one out of her fav color purple.

Chilly weekend so far. Typical fall weather. I love the fall. It's my favorite season with that cold nip in the air. Of course I'm not quite ready to move on so I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt, wool socks, and shorts. Hey once you are well over 40 you aren't expected to be fashionable. lol.


Dee said...

I love it! Wait til you get to 52---then you wear what you dang well please! LOL

Love the cell phone pouches. The purples are very pretty!

Tabitha said...

Beautiful colors in the socks. Remind me of fall leaves at their height of color. And what a clever use of the leftover yarn. I need to knit one of those to match the felted purse I knitted for hubbos niece.

Beth said...

I say good riddance to summer. Ours was too hot and too dry. I hid indoors the whole time like a hermit. :(

Amy said...

Whew...I'm over 40. But I wasn't even close to fashionable long before I turned 40!

Viknits said...

What's the purple yarn?? They are both lovely. Autumn is a wonderful time of year - just cold enough to wear lots of handknits, and with beautiful colours in the trees.