July 14, 2006

Don't you just love when the mailman brings you this?

Oh the wonder of the internet. One evening your just sitting around surfing CNN when all of a sudden it hits you, "I'm going to have to make socks for the little boys (aka grandsons) because their feet will have grown by the end of summer." Do I panic? Of course not. Knitpicks is just a click away. And faster than you can say, "Where the hell is my measuring tape!" the order is complete and you are left standing by the mailbox waiting.

Please note my assistant Charlie artfully helping me arange the yarn for picture taking. His quiet guidance and support offered balance and style to the picture for sure.

This is my project I'm working on while on a training call for work. Why waste good knitting time since it's all done over the computer and on the phone so they can't see what I'm up to. Notice again Charlie's assistance. That hooking tail gives the perfect balance to what would have been a dull picture.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** No cats were asked to wake up during the shooting of this posting.

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