July 17, 2006

CIC socks

The bitch turned on the AC yesterday!!! And already has it on today. Gonna be another scorcher in CT. Over the weekend I did a little toddler sock knitting. Still need to get rid of the ends on most of the pile but at least they are done and will be able to join the rest of their sock buddies in the box shortly.
I wanted to show you the difference between a mistake and a variation on a pattern. The sock on the left has a mistake (knit 3 rows, purl 1 row instead of knit 2 rows, purl 2 rows). I didn't see it until after the sock was finished and I was attaching it to it's sock life partner. I can only hope that the toddler who will be wearing this sock will not be shunned by the rest of the toddlers for second rate socks.

The sock on the right has an unintended pattern variation. Note how the second block which should be k2,p2 for 2 rows is k2,p2 for 3 rows. Now you may be asking, "Diane why isn't that a mistake?" A good question. It's not a mistake because I saw it before casting on the sock's life partner and therefore was able to do the same variance on the second sock. Almost like it was a plan.


Flopper & Eikon said...

I'm working on a pair of cabled cottton socks for my mother right now ans can't for the life of my turn the heel efficiently. Fun toddler clothes though.

monica said...

We call those mistakes "creative touches" esp. when they are duplicated, because then it is intentional ... right ... a design change. Some little people will be having some warm feet.