July 27, 2006

PR3 show 3 and socks

Blogger is having issues so I can't load the pic of my pile-o-socks. Maybe tomorrow.

To all the people of the United States: People in Ohio do not dress like Angela. I am origionally from Ohio and I know this for a fact. If you go to Ohio you will not see anyone wearing an outfit that gathers at the top of the thigh unless it's orange and a part of a pumpkin Halloween costume.

I loved last night's show because they were designing for dogs. Yes, little tiny dogs. They were adorable! Each designer selected a dog and designed an outfit for their model and their dog.

Michael's design was once again one of my favorites. He really is talanted and should get some more camera time.

Keith did a good job but decided not to design anything for the dog. Not only that but he took credit for sewing the dog's collar when all he really did was sew a piece of fabric to a bracelet taken from the Macy's wall. What a liar he is!

Vincent's dog was hysterical. He spent the entire time walking the runway trying to take off the little hat Vincent made for him. Vincent's outfit was ok but the dog was priceless.

Alison's outfit was very nice. So was Uli's. Either could have won but Uli pulled it out for using 2 very different and bold patterns.

Jeffrey designed something that looked like actual clothing someone might wear.

The bottom two were Katherine and Angela. As the judges were tearing apart Angela's outfit you couldn't help but laugh because Angela was wearing almost the exact same skirt. But in the end Katherine went home. Hated to see Katherine go and Angela stay.

I'm going to admit that high fashion escapes my understanding. Here's why:
Bradley: Simple blue skirt with a top that looked like an inflated yellow/gold balloon. The side view was beyond words but the judges loved it. LOVED IT! At least the dog only had to wear a simple collar so the other dogs didn't point and laugh.

Laura: Simple skirt and jacket with fur that looked like brown seaweed at the cuffs and collar. The poor dog was dressed the same. I felt bad for the poor dog because it's not like she's got a chance at a spread in Elle magazine. Plus Laura didn't really even like the dog. Cutiest dog and she didn't like her.

The best part of the show was a commercial with Jay from season 1. They gave Jay a car and he used it to drive to Bryant Park with a mannequin. He wanted to show the mannequin the park where he would be showing his collection in September. They sat a while, chatted, and took a ride on the merry-go-round. It was hysterical. I'm back to loving Jay.

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