July 31, 2006

Lace knitting take 2

If you were a fly on my wall this weekend you would have observed:

Started the shawl again on Saturday. Got to row 17 and had 2 extra stitches. Hummm..... Rip back. Cast on 5 and did the first 2 rows, mumbled something about this being stupid and shoved project back into the WIP basket. Pulled out socks and knit those all day.

Sunday read the paper, sip some coffee. What? No, I can't hear you little shawl. I'm not going to work on you today. Ok, Ok, I'll try again. This time I'll use a lifeline. The kids complaining that my counting out loud and sighing were interfering with their TV watching. But all the counting seems to be working because I'm up to the second repeat on the body.


Knittymama said...

Oh, that sounds so familiar! That's the exact reason I haven't done any lace knitting lately, because I never have the chance to just sit there and count:-)

Elabeth said...

That reminds me of when I made my first lace project - the branching out scarf from knitty.com
There were many shushes uttered around here and many times I yelled at people for talking while I was counting. haha