July 11, 2006

The Evil One

Here the Evil One lurks. Doesn't look like she's lurking does it? Well I assure you she is. This is a never used corner in the living room. Nothing lives in the corner except dust. But today dust has company. Is she there because it's hot and she's catching a breeze? Nope. She there because you'll never see her as you come down the circular metal stairs on her right. She'll then hiss, reach out and scratch the unsuspecting foot of the person who has ventured down the stairs.

The Evil One is really just a nickname for her. The real name of this female cat is Oscar as in Oscar the grouch. She was thrown from a moving car 16 yrs ago and picked up by my brother. After 3 days we understood why her owners got rid of her. She's an awful cat. Mean, grouchy, and doesn't get along with anyone or anything. But we figured that every creature deserves a safe place to call home so here she lives. We're pretty sure we'll all die before she does.

1 comment:

Dan Vera said...

Wow. I love this post.
Seriously. How do we deal with bitchy cats that are a pain to live with. Hell, I have friends like that at times in my life.
But they need love too. I guess the trick is to learn to remember they're there in their corner and guard your limbs from scratching.
But you're actually living out a Buddhist teaching. It recalls one at least.