July 21, 2006

Hard to like someone with Size 12 feet

My latest Opal yarn ... Dreamcatcher. It's actually shades of grey not a purple tint as it appear in this picture. I was thinking of using it for the next pair of socks for my son in law. I really like my son in law but knitting socks for someone with a size 12 foot is definately an act of love. I'm going to have to encourage my other 2 daughters to marry men with smaller feet. I finished a pair for him last night. The yarn is Opal Batik which is a little heavier than regular Opal. The color claimed to be red but it's very orange. He's into tie-dye stuff so I think he'll like these. I still have this skein of Opal Batik but I think I'll leave it in my stash for a while and use the dreamcatcher.

I couldn't find a suitable cat so I decided to pose the yarn with some Thomas the Tank engine trains instead. I must say the the trains don't try to eat the yarn as you are setting things up so that's a definate plus.

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