July 20, 2006

Project Runway 3 show 2

Well so far Bravo is 2 for 2 this season. Last week Keith won the challenge. Don't get me wrong, it was a beautiful dress but I would have given it to Robert, Laura, or Michael over Keith. Those 3 were innovative in their design and use of the materials. This week Malan Breton was sent to clear out his space in the workroom. I would have sent Angela back to Ohio.

The challenge was to make an evening gown for Miss USA, Tara Conner, to wear in the Miss Universe pageant. Hummm, Kayne designs pageant gowns. The designers were given 30 minutes to design something and then pitch it to Tara. Tara decided on the 7 designs she wanted to see as a final product. 7 dresses, 14 designers so that could only mean one thing. Yes, you are working in teams.

I loved the team of Kayne and Robert. Robert didn't agree with fabric selection but stood behind the project. He and Kayne made a wonderful team because they are both really nice people.

Laura and Michael were another great team. Who would imagine the mom of 5 and the hip hop dude could work together so well? Again, they are both really nice people and had a lot of respect for each other.

Watching Angela and Vincent was terrible. I couldn't help but feel that Angela was trying to get rid of Vincent by being as bitchy and unhelpful as possible. I'm not a big Vincent fan but I felt sorry for him.

The gowns were each unique and really overall I'd say they all had possibilities. But in the end Kayne was the winner with a killer dress.

Left on the runway at the end were Vincent, Malan, and Angela. Vincent was allowed to leave in spite of Angel's negative comments before, during, and after the challenge. Malan lost because of his poor design. And while I understand the design wasn't exactly on target I think he should have been allowed to continue. The challenge was design and team work and Angel's lack of teamwork outweighed Malan's design in my mind.

The reason I think Malan should have stayed is what he said on the runway. He told the judges that out of his team he should be the one to leave because the gown was his design and vision. That took a lot of class and courage on his part. It was true but he didn't try to put a spin on anything. The dress was what it was.

Malan cried. I cried. My daughter cried. Now we're waiting for karma to catch up with Angela. Good things do not happen to bad people.

I think Tim Gunn is contracted to use the phrase "Carry on" or "Make it work" 4 times per show. In show #1 we had 2 of each phrase. In show #2 we had 4 Carry on's. One of them was thrown in quite haphazardly because obviously the editing staff must not have counted correctly and only had 3 up to that point.


Sean said...

I keep making this same comment around the web. I believe that the producers were editing the episode to purposely make Angela look that way. Go and read Tim's Take at bravo.com. He explains how Vincent wouldn't let her (or him for that matter) "in." I think it was Vincent who caused the problems between the two. Just my humble opinion.

Marie said...

I love the show this year. I think the designers are more talented that the last lot. Laura and Michael are my favorites. Angela has to go. I hate how she dresses...blah. look in a mirror! So exciting...I miss Malan. I hope he is brought back.