July 11, 2006


As a mom of 4 I've done my fair share of laundry. When the kiddles were small I use to do about 14 loads of laundry a week. As they got a bit older they started to take over doing their own laundry. This wasn't because they felt I had too much to do, needed a break, or just wanted to be kind. It was becasue Mom's thinking was if you have 10 clean pair of jeans in your closet then I don't need to do a small load at 10:30pm on a Thursday night (laundry room is located outside my bedroom door) ..... even if the child was sure she would DIE if she couldn't wear that one pair in the dirty clothes.

As things continued the kiddles started to do more of their clothes and I was down to about 5 loads a week. So Friday I sorted my stuff and started the whole washer, dryer, basket cycle. I got down to just a half load of whites by the end of the day. Saturday, D2 did laundry followed by Sunday with D3 getting her's done. Perfect, someone will throw my half load in with their whites to make a full load.

Yup, in my friggin dreams that'll happen. So I wandered into the laundry room this morning. Not only is my half load still there but D3 decided that it's somehow easier to walk down a half flight of stairs, go into the dryer, pull out just the clothing needed for the day, walk back up a half flight of stairs, get dressed, and leave for work. Did this Monday and Tuesday. UGH!!!!

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