July 15, 2006

The Bitch Won't Turn On The AC!!!

It's hot and humid.
It's only 9 am and the temp is 84 in my work area.
And there's no AC.
WTF is wrong with the chick in charge around here.
I'm melting. Melting I tell ya.
She talks about the high cost of electricity.
Put on a fan; it'll move the air and make you more comfortable.
Drink plenty of fluids to keep cooler.
What a cheap bitch.
And the part that pisses me off the most?!?!?!
The cheap bitch is me; I'm a telecommuter and I work at home.


Lisa said...

Come on girl! Turn it on! It's much more fun to knit when it's cool lol.

Ev said...

Hehe, you sound like my husband.. Scottish blood???

Welcome to blogging and thanks for visiting (and commenting on) my blog.

Karen said...

You had me going there! I wouldn't be able to stand those conditions (hot flashes and all). You're a stronger woman than me.