August 29, 2006

Work in progress

Finally some flowers on the arch! It hasn't been a great summer for growing things around here but slowly things are coming along.
I bought some wonderful hand painted yarn last week. I did a roll brim hat for my secret pal for this month and started a matching scarf to send off next month. I love the colors and think the simple pattern helps show off the yarn. I also finished another pair of socks for N . Just have to hide the ends and turn right side out. I'm almost finished with the foot of socks for hubby. And I started a light weight hat for my granddaughter. It's a prototype at this point since I really think the shaping on the top will be wrong. We'll see. Plans are to add colored buttons to dress it up.


Maureen said...

Love the morning glories. I always grow them every year. LAst year blue and this year pinks and purples. Great job on all the socks you have there and oh my that has to be the most fun handpainted yarn ever! I love blabk with colors! Where ever did you get it?

Patricia said...

I see that you have tried KnitPicks. I want to place an order with them and make the Candle Flame shawl.
I envy your arbor. It will look great once it fills in.