August 04, 2006

Shawls and cats

If you were at my house any time this week you would have seen Joey in this pose somewhere around the house. Here he's blocking the doorway. After this pic he moved to lay across the entire width of the hallway. It's a cat's life for sure. Charlie was smart and spent the whole week in the AC. Oscar slept out on the covered front porch on the concrete. I'd check on her ever couple hours just to make sure she was still breathing. At least is was too hot for them to bother with this.
I was working on it Monday night and when I picked it up again Tuesday I totally forgot where I was in this pattern. PANIC!! I couldn't remember what I had for dinner that night much less what row I knit the night before.

After a lot of counting, swearing, and Archie Bunkering (the famous line "shut up you" or "stifle it!" because whenever you are trying to count the entire household has 5 million things to say to you and only you as if you have suddenly appeared after being abducted by aliens.) I managed to figure it out. Hence you'll notice a little paper hanging from a split stitch marker at the edge of the shawl. It says "5" meaning I'm on row 5 of a 10 row repeat.


Lisa said...

Yupp, having a mistake to fix or a place to find in your knitting sends out a magnetic force throughout your house, pulling your entire family close enough to bother and distract you! Hehe, glad you found your place back!

Patti said...

...and a few of my favorite things (sing it Julie Andrews!) cats and Debbie Bliss!