August 16, 2006

The Mailbox

If you live in the center of my town (uptown as we country folk call it) a trusty mail delivery person walks right up to your house and places you mail in box attached to your house or slides it through a slot in your door. Your newspaper is delivered the same way or placed in plastic and left in your driveway.

When you live further out like I do your mail is delivered curbside in a mailbox. The newspaper people slide the papers into curbside tubes, usually while playing the car radio quite loud at 4:30am. When I first moved into our house I thought about getting a cute, custom painted mailbox. Two days later, as I awoke to find my mailbox had been hit by a baseball bat during the night I realized that a cheap mailbox was probably going to work out fine.

The way this whole mailbox thing works is: kids with baseball bats and too much time on their hands smash it a couple times over the course of the year. During the winter the snowplow dents it while throwing snow off the road. And each time this happens you as a home owner take a hammer and beat the mailbox back into shape to allow the front to close. After 3 or 4 years you replace the box with another cheap mailbox. Still it's nice to try to dress the ratty looking mailbox up a bit.....
maybe with some nice morninglories??? If you're looking at the flowers you probably won't notice the wonkie top?? Maybe it's time to get out the hammer again.


Mia said...

Purty flower... :-)

gypsyknits said...

We live in the country too. Those mailboxes can be a pain to constantly replace for "idle children's hands". They need to learn to knit and keep those idle hands busy. By the way, I love my sock wizard!