August 31, 2006

Project Runway 3 show 8

And the show continues. Heidi comes out and announces that 2 models will be off. Blah, blah, blah, as my daughter says, "Why do we have to watch this? It's not about the models." I reminded her that their moms probably do care. Heidi says that the challenge will be to design an outfit for a hip jet setter and sends the designers to the workroom to meet with Tim Gunn.

Why are the hip jet setters? Well it turns out that the designers will be designing for themselves. Squeals of delight run through the room. 30 minutes to sketch and then off to mood to spend $75.00 followed by back to the workroom to finish everything by midnight.

Laura designs a cocktail dress. Kayne goes nuts for a Versace print that is crazy. He's cutting it out and putting it on a black shirt. Simple black pants will be made to complete the outfit. Jeffery decides to be a rock star so he's making a blazer, pants, and t-shirt. Michael is going to be a "Hampton meets the hood" with cargo pants made out of seersucker and a shirt. Vincent designs a v neck shirt and black pants (boring). He's never made men's wear so he takes off his pants and uses them to make a pattern. Uli selects about 5 different bright prints. It's typical Uli. Angela designs shorts and a tank- type top that just looks odd.

Onto the runway. Again what the hell is Heidi wearing?!?! UGLY!!

Laura ok. Kayne looks like an Elvis rip off but it's so typical Kayne (he's always over the top). Jeffery's outfit is one that Jeffrey has the personality to carry off. It's a great fit. Michael's is wonderful too. Again he's got the personality to pull it off. Vincent boring and safe. Uli makes the typical Uli dress which the judges say, "We've seen it before." Angela is just a mess. Top is awful, the shorts are wrinkling just standing on the runway. And those little rosettes on the ass. What woman would call attention to her all with rosettes?

Here's the twist: They now have 1 hr to get to the apartment, pack, and get to the airport for the second part of the challenge. When they get to the airport they find out they are flying off to Paris. First class! And Tim Gunn appears to fly off with them. All the designers are thrilled to have Tim along.

Landing in Paris they drive to Parson's Paris and go into another workroom. They are introduced to Catherine Malandrino who will be judging for the second half of the challenge. She is given the score cards and pictures of the outfits as they were on the NY runway.

Each designer walks their outfit and scores are tallied. The winner is Jeffery! I really think he deserved the win. Three pieces all fit to perfection. Good job. And Angela was out. While I'm not an Angela fan I do have to admit that I felt sorry for her. Obviously she's never really been farther than her backyard and the one chance she gets to go to Paris she only gets to stay for a short time. I don't know who Jeffery will pick on now.

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lorinda said...

I watched this the other night. It's so obvious they try to manipulate our feelings. Jeffrey is pure evil but talented, Angela is the loveable loser. Heidi Klum is the typical brusque Germanic female (only more beautiful than most). This was my first time watching, but I can see how people get addicted!