August 10, 2006

Project Runway 3 show 5

Well I'm finally a happy person. My man Michael won a challenge! In my opinion Michael has an amazing talent and always gets to the next round without question but for some reason he's been overlooked. Seriously, a dress made from coffee filter should have won over a dress made out of bed sheets in the first round. Anyways .....

The challenge was to recreate an icon. The models picked the designer they wanted to work with. Then the models went into the work room and selected a picture of a fashion icon the designer would update. Cher, Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, etc. Very intesting challenge.

I really like Bradley. I don't think he's all that talented but he's funny. Bradley's model had selected Cher and Bradley didn't know a thing about Cher. Seriously how could anyone not know about Cher?

Vincent struggles with Twiggy and Robert couldn't get the clean lines he needed to recreate Jackie O (he had traided some fabric with Vincent and the linen just wasn't doing it).

There were a couple arguments in the sewing room between Jeffrey, Angela, and Laura. Michael seems to like everyone and was affected by the tension. So he makes a phone call to get himself centered. Who did he call? His homeboys? Girlfriend? Nope, called his Mom. She sounded like a great person and gave him confort and reminded him to keep praying. Yes, Michael prays every night for guidance and support. How sweet is that?

On the runway, Vincent is a trainwreck, Bradley even worst. Laura finally did something without fur on the cuffs and collar all by herself. Angela was very impressing. Kayne (Love Kayne) did a great job with Marilyn Monroe.

Now again Robert Best was on the runway as one of the worst. I think Robert is playing it too safe trying to do what he thinks people want to see instead of speaking in his own voice. I still have confidence in Robert. Linen was just another misstep but definately now big enough to send him home.

But in the end my guy Michael pulled it out with his remake of Pam Grier. Way to go Michael. And Bradley was out. The outfit was poorly fitted and sewn terrible.

I think after the last show Tim was way over his make it work and carry on quote so only made it thru editing with one this time.

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