August 19, 2006

Cyber pals and Secret pals

In my circle of friends no one knits. There's no one who really understands the excitement of scoring Opal yarn at $8.00 a skein. My yarn stash is a mystery to everyone. Why would you need all that yarn? What's the difference between these 3 red yarns? Hello!!! One is worsted super wash wool, one is sock yarn and one is just worsted wool. That would be like asking why you need more than one book in your book collection.

So the internet allows me to connect with people who are going through the same thing. Crafting as a normal part of life. You make cyber friends and get to share your craft experiences and knowledge. I definitely think it's given me a good base to be able to try things I wouldn't have tried. I love seeing what everyone is working on and sharing in their excitment when they've come to the end of a long hard project.

One of the
groups I belong to is having a secret pal exchange. It's been a lot of fun so far. My pal is in Australia so because I have to fill out a customs form it hasn't been much of a secret for her. One the other hand I'm totally stumped. I think my pal is in Canada but is sending things as part of a conspiracy to a friend in the USA for mailing. Anyways, this is my haul for the last 2 months.


Laura said...

I know just what you mean about not having knitters or fiber lovers in your circle of friends. When I started dyeing yarn my husband mentioned it to his parents when we were eating dinner over there one night. My mother in law said "but you can buy yarn anywhere." Yep. And thankfully my wise husband said "not yarn like this." It's hard not having a nearby peer group for your personal hobby interests - I'm SO HAPPY to have discovered knitting and crafting bloggers!! :)

Lynn said...

I so totally understand abt not having crafters in your immediate circle. I HAVE been able to meet up with some AOL friends in the area and we try to meet up, but its hard. I dont mention how much I spend on yarn and nobody knows I blog. That's ok, gotta keep a bit of mystery, right?? And *I* get the $8 Opal bargain! What a find!!

Maureen said...

I completely understand. None of my friends or coworkers knit, but over the last year after a long time of seeing things I created, they are slowing coming around and picking up there own projects. What a fun exchange! You got some interesting things!