August 17, 2006

Project Runway 3 show 6

So Heidi comes out, wearing an outfit that was so awful I couldn't believe she would wear it on a fashion design show, and announces that the designers have had it very easy up to now so the next 2 challenges will be hard. Michael decides to stick with his model .... really does anyone care about the models other than their moms?

Next morning 5 am Tim Gunn is off to wake everyone up to be ready to leave on a field trip by 6. Best line of the show was Alison's to Laura. Laura was wearing her riding gear and Alison said something like, "Oh good you are wearing your horse riding outfit. This challenge could involve horses." Laura probably get about as close to horses as she does to cleaning up after those 5 monster kids of hers.

Anyways, into a waiting van and off down the road to New Jersey. Out of the van and into a recycling center. Each designer get 30 minutes and 3 recycling bins to fill to create an outfit of their choosing. After that then back in the van and off to a store to spend 15 minutes and $25 buying glue, paint, etc to finish the outfits. They have 1 day to complete this task.

The work room is a flurry of activity. Still there are learning moments. We learn that none of the guys seem to like Laura. Robert and Kayne wolf down dinner just so they don't have to be in the room when Laura comes in. Vincent says he doesn't own the future. Humm.... The editing leads you to believe .... along with the really interesting looking outfits in progress ..... that just about anyone could go home.

One the runway Uli cute dress, Robert good design, Anglea did a patchwork ugly thing, Michael creative use of 3 different materials, Laura same old same old. Laura is really just a one note designer from what I'm seeing. Jeffrey I though had this competition in the bag. His outfit was interesting, unusual colors and very well done.

Vincent's was the usual Vincent mess. I don't know if it's too much medication or not enough with Vincent but he should have cashed in the 401K and used the money for additional therapy.

Kayne's and Alison's outfits were both a mess. In addition Kayne styled his model to look like she had been run through the recycling plant. Alison's model didn't fair any better with her hair tied up like a giant bow on the top of her head. They both could have done much better to compensate for the ill fitting outfits.

I think Vincent should have been out. Kayne and Alison both just had a misstep. Heck, Robert has had two already and he's still with us. But Alison seemed to be held to a higher standard than the guys because she was a women designing women's wear.

So in the end Michael was the winner (Jeffrey was PISSED) and Alison was sent packing. I really thought it was unfair to send Alison home since Vincent has not had a single outfit that was noteworthy.

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Elabeth said...

I don't usually have anything nice to say about Laura, but there at the end when she told Vincent, "You know you shouldn't still be here!" just before he told her to shove diamonds up her nose (??!haha) I had to give her credit for having the balls to say what everyone else was thinking.

PS - You know you want to learn to spin..muahahaha