August 24, 2006

Project Runway 3 show 7

So this week the challenge was to design for "the everyday woman". Heidi brings out the models and you can see by the silhouette behind the stage that these models are all shapes and sizes. Designers are confused until they realize that their models are their own moms and sisters.

The twist? They aren't going to be using their own relative in this competition. Heidi brings out the velvet bag and each designer gets to choose the model they would like to work with. Of course all the thin moms/sisters are chosen first. It's like watching sides being selected in high school gym class all over again.

Everyone is taken for a walk to Tavern on the Green where they are met by Michael Kors and his mom Joan. She seemed like a sweet person. Kayne had his arm around his mom the whole walk. Michael Knight was holding his mom's hand. Very sweet.

Over lunch Laura mentions to her mom that she is pregnant again with baby #6. I LOVED HER MOM'S REACTION! She didn't flip out excited about being a gram again. You would have thought they were discussing something casual like buying a new purse or getting a puppy. And Laura's comment about how she didn't know how she felt about #6 but might as well throw it on the heap of the other 5? Very odd thing to say.

A nice visit is had by all and then it's back to work. The designers have a consultation with their "client" for 30 minutes to discuss colors, design, likes and dislikes. In a cruel twist of fate Jeffrey has ended up with Angela's mom, Darlene. Right from the start it appears that Darlene doesn't care for Jeffrey. Maybe Angela casually mentioned she hates him at the Tavern on the Green get together? Anyways, for someone who's daughter makes clothing she seems very vague on what she wants. Knows what colors she wants but not anything else.

After working for a while the mom/sisters come back into the work room to see what's going on. Everyone seems to be working well together except for Jeffrey and Darlene. Darlene doesn't like the fabric. It's the exact colors she told Jeffrey she liked but now she's disappointed and tells Tim Gunn about it. Jeffrey tries to work with her explaining that he sees her as a beautiful woman and is trying to bring something out in her that she might not see herself.

Darlene leaves the work area in fake tears and upset. Angela rushes in to fan the flames of the disagreement and Jeffrey's mom tries to squash the whole thing by talking to Darlene. Thanks for the drama Darlene but I didn't buy any of it.

Robert designed for Vincent's sister. Simple long black dress (because we all know black is slimming) with a red flowing jacket. Boring.

Jeffrey designed for Angela's mom and it was a mess. Shapeless with too many colors at the neck. I think he just didn't know what to make and had never designed for a heavy woman before.

Angela designed for Laura's mom. Black top and skirt with fringe on the bottom. It fit terrible and looked awful.

Vincent designed for Uli's mom. Simple dress with this HUGE brown collar.Ugly. The judges went crazy for it.

Kayne designed for Michael's mom. He designed very basic capri pants, orange long sleeved shirt and a "poncho" of fabric that didn't seem to go with anything.

Michael designed for Robert's sister. He did a shirt dress that was totally reversible. Very nice and stylish.

Laura designed for Jeffrey's mom. Her outfit was a high waisted skirt, a blouse with a huge collar and a scarf. Same old same old for Laura but unfortunately it looked awful on Pam.

Uli designed for Kayne's mom. Her outfit looked wonderful. Great patterns, wonderful fit and she should have won.

But alas, the judges couldn't let an overweight every day woman outfit win. What would high fashion think if a well designed outfit for a size 16 or 20 women won? Wasn't think what the competition was about? Guess not because Vincent's dress with that ugly collar on an almost model sized mom was the outfit of the evening and Robert was out.

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monica said...

Congrats on the granddaughter, she is beautiful. I never would have guessed grandson 2 as only 20 months, he looks much older than that, poor thing, people will always expect too much more from him. I know this is with the wrong post but that is ok... I hope. I love the looks of a grandparents house that looks like they enjoy their grandkids. Keep it out as long as you like, they will be back to play with it anyway.