June 07, 2007

The power wheel jeep

My son in law was giving a broken power wheel jeep. He's an electrician so he rewired the jeep and got it running for W and N. Now that they have a 2 acre yard to drive around they are having a blast in their jeep however sometimes a guy wants to take a road trip.

W: We should go somewhere today.
N: Yes we'll go.
W: How about if we go to see gram?*
N: Drive to gram's house and play trains.
W: I'll drive and you sit here and we'll go to grams and sleep over.
N: Ok.
W: Oh no we can't go. The battery won't have enough power and we're too little to walk on the highway.

*gram lives 65 miles away now

Last year they got a wagon and W told N, "Hop in and we'll go to grams." They lived about 8 miles away so it would have been quite a hike! N got in the wagon and off W went down the street. Got to the corner and turned right (dad walking behind watching). Gets to the next corner of a fairly busy road and says, "We can't go to grams because we're too little to cross the road by ourselves. Dad, you'll have to come too."


Just A Knit Wit said...

LOL those are some smart grandkids you've got there!

Trish said...

lol...your grandkids are a crack up.

herself75 said...

sounds like they really love their Gram! how could they not with all those trains... and Mater floating around...

monica said...

LOL I love hearing the N & W stories. It won't be long and A will be joining in.