June 08, 2007

The coffee swap

How can you not love the mailman when he brings you stuff like this? Perri, was my wonderful swap buddy. Coffee, treats, coffee flavoring, more treats, and more coffee.
Won't that knitpicks parade make wonderful socks for little missy A? The Country hill yarn is a yummy mix of orange and white. Sock key chain which will make my hubby definately think I'm over the point of being OBSESSED with sock knitting and to be perfectly honest .... he's right. A knitting rules sticker. I've got all Steph's books. She's hysterical.
A Lionbrand bag that is big enough to hold a bed pillow. It actually ended up holding my cat charlie after this picture was taken (cats crawl into anything don't they?).
These adorable stitch markers
And a lamb pez dispenser. I emailed Perri and told her that Connecticut has given the world 2 things: frisbees and pez.

Thanks for everything Perri. I love it all. Gotta go brew some coffee.


Trish said...

Great swap package....looks like you got a wonderful swap pal.
My cat loves boxes and paper bags. She just can't resist the temptation...lol!

monica said...

Wow, you got a great package, what a wonderful swap partner. Our cats used to love to play in brown paper bags, it is kind of like kids playing with the box the toys came in :)

Jessica said...

Fantastic package. Now do I see more sock yarn to add to that sock startitis you have going on?

Allena said...

wow that's a great swap package! this was the best swap, everyone is loving thier packages.

Deborah said...

Wow, you made out like a bandit!

Patricia said...

I love getting surprise packages from strangers. You seem to have a hit on your hands. I happen to love those Balsen cookies. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful swap package. You can have your knitting and coffee too. I love the KnitPicks yarns. Great colors and they work up great too.